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Seoul National University Bundang Hospital


Seoul National University Bundang Hospital


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Complex spine surgery, Pediatric orthopedic surgery, Minimally invasive single port laparoscopy bariatric and other gastric cancer surgery, Complex aortic valve / thoracic aortic surgery, Pancreatic / biliary cancer surgery, Complex gynecologic cancer surgery, Complex cardiovascular intervention / stenting for heart and brain, Robotic surgery (heart, kidney, prostate), Lung cancer surgery, Preventive healthcare check up


KOIHA (2015-2020)
HIMSS (2010, 2016, 2019)
Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) (2019, 2023)



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  2. Major Departments & Centers
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  • Introduction

    ● Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) opened in 2003 as a ultra-modern fully digitalized hospital, carrying 100+ years tradition of the Medical School. Currently it carries 1,400 bed capacity, including the Cancer Center, the Neuroscience Center and additional Biotech Research facility “Healthcare Innovation Park”.

    ● As the first fully digitalized-paperless health care institution in Korea, we at the SNUBH succeeded the legacy of prestige and obligation of the Seoul National University Medical School.

    ● Since its opening, SNUBH has rapidly established itself as national and international leader by providing top class medical care in virtually every area of medicine and has been the site of breakthrough research and education.

    ● Implication of modern electronic medical record system and full digitalization of hospital medical care has improved medical care for the patients. It was scientifically proven that digitalization and modernized electronic medical record system improves medical care and clinical outcome of the patients by eliminating medical errors, improving safety and efficiency.

    ● The brightest health care professionals at SNUBH equipped with ultra modern equipments and technology, including advanced health information technology (BEST Care system) strive for the best patient care for the international citizens of the world.

  • Major Departments & Centers

    ● Cancer Center; at the Forefront of Minimally Invasive Surgeries
    The Department of General Surgery is the center of cancer operations and laparoscopic surgeries, with 15 professors. Both practice and research are actively pursued through the specialized clinics in the areas of stomach, hepatobiliary, colorectal, thyroid and breast. SNUBH is known for its world-class laparoscopic surgeries, which minimizes complications, scarring and recovery time enabling patients to return to their daily lives within a shorter period.
    All of these complex abdominal surgeries were traditionally considered not feasible with this minimally invasive technology in the hands of most surgeons. With cautiously and systematically planned approach, the surgeons of SNUBH accumulated large experience in these unusually complex and technically demanding laparoscopic abdominal surgical procedures.
    ● Cardiovascular Center
    Every kind of heart disease is treated at the cardiovascular center of SNUBH. It includes comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
    ● Thoracic Surgery
    Thoracic surgery team of SNUBH has been employing video camera assisted thoracic surgery since the outset of the new hospital in 2003. With superb technical expertise of the SNUBH surgeons, we have been accomplishing excellent clinical outcomes including better long term prognosis of cancer stricken patients.
    – Over 97% lung cancer surgeries are performed by Video-assisted thoracoscopic technique 
    ● Spine Center
    At the spine center, medical team from all departments dealing with simple and complex spine treatment including the orthopedic department, neurosurgery department, rehabilitation medicine department, neurology department, Anesthesiology department, and Diagnostic Radiology department gather together to perform comprehensive diagnoses and treatments involving the spine; thus providing faster and more efficient medical services, especially for complex back problems such as failed back syndrome or severe congenital deformities of the back.
    ● Neuroscience Center
    Neuroscience Center is the first of its kind in Korea staffed with neurosurgeons, neurologists, interventional neuroradiologists, rehabilitation specialists and specially trained nurses.
    Equipped with ultramodern devices (gamma knife , neurointerventional equipments) and the neurointensive care unit (bed capacity:13), our center serves as the tertiary referral centers for various complex neurologic condition of many patients ranging from acute stroke victims to complex tumors of brain or spinal cord.
    Our team of physicians and nurses in this field have accumulated extensive experience and training from minimally invasive interventions and extensive open surgical procedure of brain, spine and others. Recent addition of subsection of “Dizziness Centers” in the institute provides new approaches and expert care to the patients with complex dizziness.
    ● Health Promotion Center
    SNUBH with a heavy focus on the healthcare of an aging population, has accomplished substantial progress in patient care and research specifically in the area of various clinical sectors including, cardiac, vascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancers, lung diseases, bone and joint diseases, and we are prepared to meet specific medical needs of the aging population.
    SNUBH’s Health Screening & Promotion Center, in particular, strives to promote an optimized program to improve the individual patients’ well being by prevention and early diagnosis of diseases, through an accurate, evidence-based assessment process tailored for patients from different parts of the world. We are committed to provide a safe, comprehensive health management program designed for each individual patient in the comfortable, relaxing environment.
  • International Services

    ● Pick-up (Airport -> Hospital, Sending service for inpatient patient)
    ● Concierge service: Hotel, Transportation and etc.
    ● Emergency call: English, Russian, Arabic
    ● Meal: Western, Halal
    ● Direct-billing service: Cigna (International), HTH, Metlife, Tricare, FSBP, GAP, BCBS, International SOS, United Healthcare, AA+ International, etc
  • Location

  • Doctors

  • Contact

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