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Chae In-Ho

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Interventional procedures for coronary artery disease and peripheral disease, aorta and arterial disease, structural heart disease

Academic Background and Work Experience

  • 1988 Seoul National University, College of Medicine
  • 1992 Seoul National University, College of Medicine, M.S.
  • 1997 Seoul National University, College of Medicine, Ph.D.
  • 1998-2001 Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, SNUH
  • 2002-2016 Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, SNUH
  • 2003-2016 Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, SNUBH
  • 2008-2009 Visiting Scientist to Columbia University Medical Center, New York
  • 2014 Director of Cardiovascular center, SNUBH
Dr. Chae excels in the field of interventional procedures for coronary artery disease, boasting a perfect treatment record for chronic stable angina pectoris and acute myocardial infarction. He also has the highest treatment success rate for chronic obstructive coronary artery disease. He joined a project on the development of the latest treatment for the coronary/carotid/aorta arteries and peripheral vessels at Columbia Univ. Hospital in New York City, and introduced the treatment to South Korea, offering high-quality treatment of vascular diseases. He leads the industry in interventional treatment for heart valve disease related to the anatomical structure of the heart and congenital heart disease. He has been conducting a study on the independent development of the stent, which is used for interventional treatment for the coronary arteries and peripheral vessels, making significant progress in animal tests and research study.