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KIMA - Korea International Medical Association



  • Leading Healthcare in Asia

    In Asia, Korea is one of the most advanced countries in healthcare.

    The number of publications in medical science has been outstanding over the years.

    Around the globe, the largest number of clinical trials is carried out in Korea.

    Numerous international community services are performed, including staff training programs for doctors in developing countries, and Korea-funded projects aimed at helping developing countries build modern facilities with ODA funds.

    It is our belief that Korea has the capabilities to serve international patients who are looking for top quality treatment at an affordable cost.

  • The Most Advanced & Reliable Healthcare Services

    World-class healthcare services accompanied by highly advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology.

    The top-quality of care provided are monitored continuously by the government through hospital accreditation and strict evaluation programs.

    All general hospitals in Korea are not-for-profit organizations. Therefore, patient safety and satisfaction comes first rather than profitability.

    International medical societies highly respect our physicians, specialists, and surgeons.

  • Affordable Prices

    The overall price is only 20-30% of the cost in the US.

    The price is less expensive than international hospitals in China and similar to the price of private hospitals in Singapore.

    No matter the cost, the quality of care provided will satisfy everyone’s needs.

  • No matter the cost, the quality of care provided will satisfy everyone’s needs.

    Geopolitically, travel to Korea has never been easier.

    Less than 8 hours flight distance from all Asian and East European Countries.

    Direct flights are available from major cities in North America and Europe.

    Waiting time for making appointments is no longer than 2 weeks.