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Vocal Folds Shortening and Retrodisplacement of Anterior Commissure (VFSRAC), Voice Feminization Surgery, Laryngeal Papilloma Surgery, Microlayryngeal Surgery (MLS), Pulsed-dye laser surgery (PDL), Percutaneous Injection Laryngoplasty, Botox Clinic, Voice Therapy, Voice Examination



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  • Introduction

    Established in 2003, Yeson Voice Center (YVC) is South Korea’s first and largest institution providing specialized care and surgery for voice. YVC provides systematic and professional voice care for people who use their voices for professional purposes (vocalists, singers, news anchors, teachers, etc.) and voice disorder patients. YVC offers the utmost quality in equipments and treatment techniques to help patients to regain clear voice. YVC also adopted a program for voice art and voice care from the Jefferson Arts-Medicine Center of Thomas Jefferson University.

  • Major Departments & Centers

    Voice Feminization Surgery 

    Voice Feminization Surgery: Vocal Fold Shortening and Advancement of Anterior Commissure

    The new method of Voice Feminization Surgery, called “Vocal Fold Shortening and Advancement of Anterior Commissure,” is the world’s first treatment that does not incise the neck skin and get the same outcome of modifying the vocal cord to a female shape using an endoscope. The average vocal frequency increase is about 72.66Hz and the surgery successful rate is 89% in average. This treatment which was developed by YVC was presented at the Voice Foundation Association in 2007 in U.S.

    Transcutaneous EMG-guided Injection Laryngoplasty

    It is a new treatment method using electromyogram to cure vocal cord which does not close completely (vocal fold paralysis). This method does not need to incise the skin or anesthetize the surgical area. The electromyogram was tested approximately 1000 times on animals, and was first performed to patients in 1997. YVC recently records more than 1100 cases of this procedure and the successful rate of 92 percents. This Clinical studies were presented at the 2nd East Asian Phonosurgery Conference in 1999 and at the Voice Foundation’s 32nd Annual Symposium in Philadelphia, US in 2003.


    Microlaryngeal surgery+PDL

    Microlaryngeal surgery, or phonomicrosurgery, has been developed since 19th Century as the observation of the larynx through reflecting mirrors began. Laryngeal mirrors (tools with small mirrors attached which are used to see into the larynx through the mouth) provided the most significant part of understanding and treating vocal fold diseases.


    Multichannel Phonokinetic Evaluation System

    Multichannel Phonokinetic Evaluation System is newly developed by Yeson Voice Center to evaluate the phonatory pattern and substantiated the phonatory muscle usage and kinetic aspect of respiratory phasing during classical singing.

  • International Services

    1. Foreign Patient Interpretation Service and Care System
    Staff who are professionalized in medical interpretation will help you feel comfortable at clinic.
    *Language Services Available:English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai

    2. Transportation Service.
    Airport pick-up and sending service is available.
    Pick-up service is provided to patients, who arrive on a weekday between 8 am and 4 pm,
    Sending is provided to patients, who has flight on a weekday between 1pm to 12 am.

    3. Aftercare & Follow Up Service
    Even after you are back to your country you can get consultation by contacting the coordinator in charge (via e-mail)

  • Location

    *Please show this message to the driver. 위 손님을 아래의 주소로 모셔다 주십시오. 성수대교 남단 사거리 [서울시 강남구 언주로 874, 2층 (강남구 신사동 638-13번지 쌍봉빌딩)]

    You can ride following buses:
    – 9407, 9507
    – 143, 145, 240, 301, 351, 362, 440, 472
    – 4318, 4412, 4419
    Please get off at the Apgujeong Police Station.

    You can get to either of 2 stations:
    a) Apgujeong Station, Line#3
    Make your way out to exit #2 and turn left immediately to keep going straight about 600m then cross the street at the Seongsu bridge intersection. You will find Yeson Voice Center on the 2nd floor in a building with Woori-bank on the 1st floor next to the Hyundai Oil-bank gasoline station.
    b)Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Yellow Line)
    From Exit #6, go straight about 500m until you see Seongsu bridge intersection – it’s the building right next to the Hyundai Oil Bank.
  • Doctors

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