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Seoul National University Hospital


Seoul National University Hospital


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Kidney & Prostate Cancer, Cancer (Colorectal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Blood Cancer), Transplantation (Kidney, Liver), Pediatrics, Genetic disorder


Healthcare Organization accreditation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (2022.11.29~2026.11.28)



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  • Introduction

    For more than a century, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) has been the pioneer of western medicine in Korea, and has cared the health of Korean citizens, playing its role of the nation’s central hospital. With over 1,782 beds, SNUH provides reliable top-quality medical service to over 9,000 outpatients and about 1,900 inpatients every day.


    SNUH has also transformed the facility into a digital hospital with new IT (information technology) infrastructures in 2004. SNUH is consisted with main hospital, children’s hospital, cancer hospital, and biomedical research institute with over 1,950 doctors and about 7,150 staff members. In 2011, the hospital received <No. 1 Accreditation of Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety> from Korea’s Ministry of Health & Welfare. Also, SNUH was selected as the no. 1 hospital for maintaining <Korea Brand Power Index> for the 20th consecutive year in 2020.


    SNUH leads Korean medical field as education hospital for training doctors to become specialists and as research centered hospital for publishing approximately 3,800 articles in world’s prominent SCI journals every year.



  • Major Departments & Centers

    Seoul National University Children’s Hospital (SNUCH) is the first child-specialized hospital in South Korea. Since opening in 1985 as the one and only child-specialized general hospital in Korea, SNUCH has made constant efforts to become a world-class children’s hospital. SNUCH exerts every effort to provide better medical treatment and healthy futures for children, who are the future hope of Korea.


    Equipped with diverse, excellent medical teams, world-class facilities, and state-of-the-art technical equipment, SNUCH runs 17 medical departments, in addition to the Department of Pediatrics and diverse disease-specific centers, such as the Pediatric Cancer Center and the Rare Diseases Center. The SNUCH has 22 centers and approximately 207 clinics specialized in specific diseases:


    Center for Infectious Diseases, Musculoskeletal Center, Endocrinology & Metabolism Center, Neurology Center, Urology Center, Congenital Malformation Center, Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Center, Gastroenterology Center, Neonatal Intensive Care Center, Cardiology Center, Ophthalmology Center, Transplantation Center, Psychiatric Center, Cochlear Implant Center, Emergency Critical Intensive Care Center, Nephrology Center, Dermatological Disease Center, Respiration, Allergy, and Asthma Center, Rare Diseases Center, Integrated Cancer Care Center (Children’s Hospital School for Pediatric Inpatients, Dream Seeds Shelter for Palliative Care) and EQ Center, Craniofacial Center, SNUH National Autism and Developmental Disorder Center


    Child-specialized medical treatment


    • 17 departments of specialized medical treatment
    • 12 divisions of medical treatments with the Department of Pediatrics
    • Operating rooms exclusively for children
    • ICU and NICU exclusively for children
    • PICU 22 beds
    • PEICU 2 beds
    • NICU 43 beds
    • Department of Medical Support exclusively for children

    Seoul National University Cancer Hospital


    Opened in March 2011, SNUCH is making history with our approach to cancer treatment. By creating an outpatient-centered and short-term inpatient treatment system, and by structuring our treatment center based on cancer types, not on the traditional department concept, we provide optimal care to patients. The greatest strength of SNU Cancer Hospital is the outstanding research output of our medical team. We regularly publish research papers in the world’s leading journals. We are designated a “research-driven hospital” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and have developed multiple cancer genomic diagnostic methods, and have developed multiple cancer genomic diagnostic methods. In 2013, we were recognized as the top institution in performing clinical trials in the world. Also, by establishing the first clinical trials center dedicated to cancer patient in Korea, we are leading the development of novel anti-cancer agents.


    The Personalized Cancer Medicine Center augmented standard treatments with recently developed precision medicines.


    The Liver Cancer Center, which successfully developed Korea’s first hepatitis B vaccine and performed Korea’s first liver transplant, was the first in the world to prove the efficacy of CIK cell anti-cancer agents in reducing the recurrence of liver cancer.


    The Breast Center performs over 1,800 breast cancer operations every year and applies a surgical technique that preserves the original form of the breast as much as possible.


    The Lung Cancer Center uses thoracoscopy for over 90% of their operations, achieving a success rate of 95%.


    The Colorectal Cancer Center, which successfully performed the country’s first laparoscopic colectomy, conducts over 1,000 operations and endoscopic procedures every year.


    The Gastric Cancer Center, which reached its 30,000th gastric cancer operation in 2019, shows the best treatment results from endoscopic and surgical procedures.

  • International Services

    The Seoul National University Hospital International Healthcare Center (IHC) was founded on June 1st, 1999 with the aim of increasing convenience and enhancing the efficiency of medical services for international patients.


    We work to help international patients with medical appointments, examinations, prescribed medications, and payments.


    We also offer a 24-hour emergency contact service to respond promptly to emergency situations. At the IHC, we provide consistent medical care of chronic adult disease, medical examination, visa medical examination, cancer screening, children/adult vaccination, travel vaccination and direct billing services.


    Languages supported at SNUH IHC include English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, and Arabic.

  • Location

    101, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 

    Hyehwa Station (Line No.4) Exit No.3 

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