JK Plastic Surgery Center Korea International Medical Association(KIMA) is to support the efforts of its members in expanding global access to Korea expertise in high quality healthcare. We remain committed in providing comprehensive and high-quality medical care to all of our patients. +82-43-713-8999, 8998, 8997 kimakorea@khidi.or.kr

JK Plastic Surgery Center


JK Plastic Surgery Center


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Best Plastic Surgery in Korea, Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy in South Korea, Wellness Center, Face Lifting, Tummy Tuck Surgery, Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea, Nose Surgery in Korea, Jaw Surgery in Korea, Brow lifting, Lower eyelid.


- First and only Korean Plastic Surgery Center for Health and Welfare Ministry certified with 4 consecutive cycles of KHAF. (2023.12.05.~2027.12.04)
*KAHF: Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients
- Designated by Ministry of Justice for excellent medicaltourism (2023)


(+82) 2-777-7797


  1. Introduction
  2. Major Departments & Centers
  3. International Services
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  • Introduction

    "JK Plastic Surgery Center provides you with the best value beyond your expectations."

    - Diagnosis and Surgery of Plastic Surgeons with Over 20 Years of Experience. 

    - The first hospital in Korea certified to serve international patients. (*permit number 0001). 

    - Treatment of foreign patients from 110+ countries, with more than 100,000Cases. 

    - Differentiated medical services and safety systems, resident of anesthesiologists 

    - First and only Korean Plastic Surgery Center for Health and Welfare Ministry certified with 4 consecutive cycles of KHAF.

    - Visits by major overseas media, (CNN, ABC, CCTV, BBC, NHK, etc.) high profile clientele and influencers. 

  • Major Departments & Centers

    Main field:Anti-aging, Eyes, Nose, Chest, Body shape, Facial contour, Skin, Spa & Aesthetic 

    JK Plastic Surgery is a medical institution registered as the ‘first hospital in Korea to officially serve international patients (permit number 0001)’. Due to the exceptional Korean cosmetic surgery and medical technology, JK Plastic Surgery Center has garnered attraction from all over the world. It has established itself as one of the leaders in Korean medical global health care and is a well-established medical institution sought after by high-ranking government officials and high-profile clientele internationally. 

    Since opening in 1998, JK has maintained a record of zero medical accidents for 26 consecutive years. JK provides 1:1 care services exclusively for foreign patients.

  • International Services

    □ 1:1 patient-oriented language service 
    JK Plastic Surgery Center provides 1:1 multilingual interpretation services in multiple different languages such as English, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. The hospital provides high-satisfaction one-stop services in not only interpretation, but in every step of the procedure including in-person consultation, reservation, hospital visit, treatment, post-operative nursing care, and post-surgery customer care. 

    □ Pre and Post-operative Care 
    We operate a multilingual website, social media, SMS(Messenger) channels, a 24/7 call center, and a follow-up management system using various offline channels. 

    □ High-level inpatient rooms in the clinic 
    To ensure a safe and comfortable hospitalization, we are fully equipped with services such as a 24-hour stay nurse, a medical staff rotation system during hospitalization, and admission rooms that are hotel quality to ensure private and safe recovery after surgery. 

    □ Amenities 
    We provide various amenities for foreign clients including a paid airport pick-up/drop-off service for patients (consultation, pre-operative test, surgery, treatment), and a tax-refund kiosk in the hospital, so patients have easy access to a quick and convenient tax refund.
  • Location

  • Doctors

  • Contact

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