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JK Plastic Surgery Center


JK Plastic Surgery Center


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The Ministry of Health & Welfare - Accreditation as a Medical Institution Serving International Patients (2017),
The Ministry of Health & Welfare - Registered as a Medical Institution Serving International Patients(2009),
Ministry of Justice - Certificate of Designation as an Institute Attracting Medical Tourism (2016),
EBA European Business Association - International Certification of Excellent Enterprise in 'Healthcare & Medical Tourism' (2016),
Fair Trade Commission - Award for 'Promoting Consumer Rights' from the Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission (2012),
Medical Korea - Award for being an Excellent Medical Institution Serving International Patients, presented by the Prime Minister of Korea (2015),
Medical Korea - Industry Award for Increased Satisfaction of International Patients, presented by the Minister of Health and Welfare in Korea (2014),
Medical Korea - Award for being a Medical Institution Serving International Patients, presented by the Minister of Health and Welfare in Korea (2010, 2011),
Gangnam Borough - Award for Excellence as a Medical Institution Promoting Medical Tourism Policy (2016),
City of Seoul - Certification as a Partner Medical Institution in Serving International Patients (2016),
Gangnam Borough Medical Tourism - Certified as a Partner (2016)


82-2-777-0337 82-10-9738-4053 (WA/Viber)


  1. Introduction
  2. Major Departments & Centers
  3. International Services
  4. Location
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  • Introduction

    JK Plastic Surgery Center has been leading the plastic surgery market for 22 years since its establishment in 1998. As of 2019, we have seen over 30,000 customers from more than 100 countries around the world make JK their preferred center. In 2017, we became the first and only plastic surgery center to be government accredited through the Korean Accreditation for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients. In 2019, our accreditation was renewed yet again, proving our spotless record for safety and excellence. Patients can expect JK's signature ‘Multi-Disciplinary Approach’ as each surgical specialist works together to give the best surgical results.-1st Hospital in Korea to officially serve International Patients with certification No. 0001 by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare (2019) 

    - International Certification for ‘Quality Management and Assurance’ (ISO 9001) 

    - International Standard for Aseptic Surgical System (US FED STD. 209D) 

    - Multilingual medical coordinators in English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese 

  • Major Departments & Centers


  • International Services

    01. Provide Patient-Centered Medical Services from Consultation to Surgery Aftercare.
    *Language Services Available: English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic etc,
    02. Transportation Service (Airport/Hotel,etc.)
    03. Hotel is located in the clinic.
    04. Postoperative Care System
    05. JK Cafe Service
    06 Tax Refund for Cosmetic Surgeries
    * We have installed a tax refund automated machine on the first floor for your convenience
    07 Convenient Payment Service
    08 Aftercare & Follow-UP Service
  • Location

  • Doctors

  • Contact

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