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Chung-Ang University Health Care System Hyundae Hospital


Chung-Ang University Health Care System Hyundae Hospital


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Doctors- 74 Medical staff- 271 people


1. Joint center 2. General surgery 3. Gastroenterology 4. Neurosurgery 5. Gynecology 6. Urology 7. Neurology 8. Pulmonology 9. Cardiology


KOIHA Accredited Organization (2020.12.01.~2024.11.30.)


82-10-4187-9119 (English, Russian) +82-10-4189-9119 (Mongolian)

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  • Introduction

    The Hyundae Hospital has the status of a general hospital with 400 beds and ranked first in the country in the assessment of regional emergency medical centers in 2021. It has been designated by the government as a Medical Institution to attract foreign patients and Medical Institution for illegally residing foreign workers.The hospital collaborates with the Chung-Ang University Hospital in the field of education, regularly exchanges expertise with professors, provides training for interns and residents, and is equipped at the level of a university hospital. The hospital aims to increase the number of beds to 1,000 and open a Medical Research Center in 2024.  

  • Major Departments & Centers

    Department of Orthopedic surgery Our advantages: 

    - Joint management of the joint replacement center and the arthroscopy center 

    - Carrying out sports and rehabilitation treatment 

    - Mutual exchange of medical technologies with international clinics 

    - Medical support for sports teams. 

    Center for Joint Replacement 

    Joint replacement operations are carried out by professional specialists, with a minimal incision size, so that the next day you can do exercises in the form of walking. We maintain sterility, operations are performed in sterile operating rooms and our specialists use sterile operating uniforms, as a result of which the risk of infection is very low. Also, highly qualified specialists use high-quality artificial joints, which allows the use of an artificial prosthesis for up to 20 years, and older people can use it for the rest of their lives. After the operation, together with the Medical Rehabilitation Center, for a quick return to everyday life and for a better therapeutic effect, a specially developed systematic program of special treatment, an individual program for strengthening muscles, exercises for joints, strength training, restoration of a sense of balance, and learning to walk, etc. are carried out. 

    Our advantages 

    1. Surgery with a minimally invasive invasion (minimal incision), which minimizes scarring and damage to the tissue structure. 2. A computer navigation system is used, which allows for more accurate operations. 3. To reduce the likelihood of infection and contamination and reduce the level to 0% during artificial prosthetic surgery, a sterile system for blocking external contaminated air is used and surgeons wear a special sterile operating suit. 

    Arthroscopic Surgery Center 

    Arthroscopy is performed by highly qualified specialists in a short time and reliably. With the help of an effective rehabilitation period, rapid postoperative recovery occurs.The arthroscopic surgical procedure has a very high degree of complexity, so it is very important that the operations are performed only by highly qualified and experienced surgeons. Diseases requiring arthroscopic treatment are sports injuries, knee diseases, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder capsulitis, elbow diseases, wrist or ankle injuries. 

    Advantages of an arthroscopic surgery center 

    1. Arthroscopy is performed by highly qualified specialists very safely and in a short time. 2. Professional training and development, hospital employees receive an internship at the Center for Joint Treatment and Sports Medicine at the American School of Tennessee. 3. An experience exchange program with the Campbell Clinic, which publishes a well-known textbook on otropedics in the United States. 4. Dissemination of innovative medical technologies through the creation of a medical center at the Mongolian Research Center for Orthopedics and Traumatology. 5. The ability to quickly recover and return to everyday life after sports injuries with the help of sports rehabilitation treatment. 6. Providing medical care for sports injuries to sports community organizations, the baseball community, and school athletic departments 

  • International Services

    1. Special Staff for foreign patients Medical coordinators from Kazakhstan and Mongolia provide attentive medical care on a 1:1 basis. 

    2. Ward for foreign patients The presence of a ward exclusively for foreign patients, taking into account cultural and religious differences, to help patients receive more comfortable treatment. 

    3. Treatment cost for foreign patients is equal to that of Korean citizens The majority of foreigners visiting South Korea for treatment do not have medical insurance, and typically their medical expenses are 200% higher than those of Koreans. 

    4. Extensive experience in treating foreign patients Starting medical volunteer work in 2009, Hyundae Hospital has provided free surgery to 762 patients and invited 23 patients to Korea for free surgeries. It continues to provide medical training to foreign medical doctors. 

    5. Providing quality treatment regardless of State Insurance In collaboration with NGOs, we make every effort to ensure that Kazakhstan and Mongolian people living illegally in South Korea can also access affordable medical treatment. 

    6. Special 24/7 call center for foreigners c To receive quality treatment, you can simply reach out to the 24/7 call center without worrying about language and economic issues.

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