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Chaum, The hospital of the future is gaining popularity... "Do you go to a doctor when you are sick? go to the futuristic hospital 'Chaum' to keep your health when you are healthy"

November 16,2021


The paradigm of hospital is changing. Until now, many hospitals have focused on treating diseases after a patient is diagnosed. Recently, the hospitals have slowly been on the rise, which focus on preventing diseases and maintaining a healthy life, not only treating the sick. Chaum can be a demonstrating model, pursuing a future-oriented medical service.

Chaum provides comprehensive medical services including disease prevention, health and lifestyle management, and cell storage by combining customized and preventive medicine together to predict the possibility of developing diseases as well as its diagnosis and treatment. Chaum is moving forward as the hospital of the future.

A manager of Chaum said, "The biggest strength of Chaum is to provide 'total life care' throughout the entire life cycle. We are focusing on not only preventing disease, but also keeping them from recurrence after treated so that patients can enjoy a healthier life.” 

Chaum is building and operating a comprehensive health system that encompasses Western medical technology, Asian medicine, and integrative medicine. For instance, a specialized center provides customized treatment based on the interdisciplinary system between specialists from each different department. The specialized centers include Power Aging Clinic, Food Therapy Clinic, Immune Enhancement Clinic, and Hormone Treatment Center.

Chaum also provides personalized treatment and prevention programs by predicting possible diseases in the future as well as taking care of current diseases through detailed exams based on the patient’s life cycle and the genetic testing at the screening center. Based on the exam results, doctors, nutritionists, health training managers, and professional nurses all cooperate one another to provide comprehensive health management. Chaum help patients manage their lifestyles with appropriate exercise and diet, which incorporates epigenetics. A fitness center, sauna, and swimming pool are available at the health center, which also provides aquatic physiotherapy programs and customized exercise prescription programs.

Chaum goes one step further looking for ways that many people can meet the future hospital system based on the various data and knowledge accumulated over the past 10 years. Chaum plans to apply a futuristic hospital system to the CHA hospital network in Gangnam, Ilsan, and Gumi as well as Bundang CHA Hospitals of CHA Medical Science University. It is also preparing a strategy to provide a health checkup service and fitness care to the residents in other areas out of Seoul.

Chaum is also actively working to attract more foreign patients. A manager of Chaum said, "We are considering building facilities with a Chaum system in Los Angeles (LA), Hawaii, and Maui, Hawaii."