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Bobath Memorial Hospital, virtual consultation for foreign patients

August 26,2021

- Virtual consultation due to prolonged COVID-19

On the 10th, Bobath Memorial Hospital announced that virtual consultation was provided to foreign patients in Russia and Central Asia on the 8th.

This virtual consultation was hosted by Gyeonggi-do for foreigners who are unable to see a doctor in person due to the prolonged COVID-19. The consultation was one on one between a doctor in a representative hospital in Gyeonggi-do and a patient in a foreign country. 

Bobath Memorial Hospital is specialized in rehabilitation medicine. Director Yujin Kang, a specialist in the department of Rehabilitation Medicine, participated in virtual consultation and introduced the rehabilitation procedures and precautions to a patient in Russia, who were struggling with rehabilitation of the joint in his left elbow. 

Bobath Memorial Hospital of the Lotte Medical Foundation was established in 2001 to complete a hospital management model, which combines the rehabilitation medicine with the specialized treatment for seniors. Since its opening, it has been a new role model for rehabilitation hospitals with advanced medical services including 'Bobath Rehabilitation Treatment'. Its brand value has been recognized abroad as well as in Korea.