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National Cancer Center transfers expertise to establish a cancer hospital to Uzbekistan

July 12,2021

- The Health Ministry of Uzbekistan visited a smart hospital, proton therapy machines, and others. - 


Hajibayev Abduhakim, Minister of Health of Uzbekistan, visited the National Cancer Center at 9 am on June 2 (Wednesday) to acquire expertise on establishing and operating the National Cancer Hospital.

Uzbekistan is implementing the construction of a cancer hospital in Tashkent, the capital city, that introduces advanced medical technology. In order to share related expertise and knowledge, some government officials of the Health Ministry are visiting Korea to tour medical institutions and complexes with high technology.

A delegation of about 10 people including the Health Minister and the Construction Vice-Minister, visited the National Cancer Center for the first time before other medical institutions.

The delegation listened to the presentation about the construction process and operation status of the National Cancer Center, and toured major advanced facilities including a differentiated smart hospital system and proton therapy equipment followed by Biobank, which has 26 cryogenic tanks that can store about 40,000 frozen tissues, and then shared more ideas about current management and future development plans.

Director Hongkwan Seo of the National Cancer Center revealed his hope, “The National Cancer Center will contribute to helping establish a cancer hospital in Uzbekistan, sharing the expertise of achievement and management over the past 20 years to overcome cancer so that we can revitalize health and medical cooperation between Korea and Uzbekistan.“

Khajibayev, Health Minister, responded, "It was a valuable opportunity for us to see the unrivaled competitiveness of the National Cancer Center of Korea, a public medical institution equipped with a state-of-the-art system. I also gained meaningful insight on how to establish the first national cancer hospital in Uzbekistan."