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President Jong-Hoon Park, Korea University Anam Hospital, received Prime Minister's Citation of 'Medical Korea 2021'

March 31,2021

포토뉴스] 메디컬 코리아 2021 개막 - 헬스코리아뉴스 

Trained foreign medical personnel and practiced sharing medical care in developing countries

Contributed to facilitation of attracting foreign patients and raising awareness

President Jong-Hoon Park, Korea University Anam Hospital, was awarded the Prime Minister's Citation at the “Medical Korea 2021, 11th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference” held at 10 am on March 18th at the Grand Ballroom, Coex in Seoul. 

Medical Korea 2021 The 11th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference was hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and hosted by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. It was to select and award a person who has actively promoted the excellence of Korean medical care to the world, and contributed to expanding Korean medical service abroad and attracting foreign patients to Korea. 

President Jong-Hoon Park was mainly recognized for his contributions to attracting foreign patients and raising awareness through active promotions to make contracts with 24 global insurance companies and 11 overseas government agencies, resulted from continuous international marketing, practicing foreign medical personnel training and sharing medical care in developing countries. 

Korea University Anam Hospital, led by President Jong-Hoon Park, is the leading medical institution representing Korea in the world and has been contributed to attracting foreign patients, raising awareness of Korean medical brand, and committed to the development of the country and society through medical promotion meetings and volunteer activities around the world. Since having established the International Health Center in 2009, Korea University Anam Hospital has been visited by more than 10,000 foreign patients a year, and has set its own ground as an international hub for the treatments for the severely ill patients around the world. When there is no more treatment possible in their home country, overseas patients visit Korea University Anam Hospital as their last hope, mainly from Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Arab regions with severe diseases that require cancer treatment, cardiovascular disease treatment, organ transplantation, and others. Some patients from the United States and Europe, medically advanced countries, also come to Anam Hospital to receive world-class medical services with the referral of their doctors.

 Korea University Anam Hospital is making efforts to upgrade the level of medical benefits around the world, attracting more patients from new regions and passing on excellent Korean medicine to them. In addition, they have visited all over the world to promote the excellence of Korean medicine, to deliver the best medical treatment to patients, and to play a leading role in the Medical Korean Wave. President Jong-Hoon Park mentioned, “As a representative medical institution in Korea, we want to promote the excellence of Korean medical care to the world, and we provide the best medical services based on thorough safety as well as the world's best medicine. We are all working hard to make it happened to earn the trust from the world people” International patients who come to Korea for medical treatment have already well known the world's highest level of Korean medical care, so they have high expectation for the best medical service. Korea University Anam Hospital provides not only the best medical services, but also one-stop services from interpretation, pick-up, hotel reservations to treatment, and serves patients beyond their expectations. They provide other various supports as a partner for patients' well-being so that they can manage their health care even after they return to their home country after treatment.

In recent years, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, travelling abroad has not been easy. Through remote cooperation and exchanges with medical staff overseas, we are actively helping the treatment of local patients and contributing to the development of overseas medical facilities and medical technology. Through continuous academic exchanges with local hospitals or academic organizations, we are passing on our advanced medical technology to them and putting a lot of effort into protecting the health and lives of more patients, contributing to the balanced development of global health care.