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At Korea University Anam Hospital, Famous Mongolian Musician Couple, Husband's Life Saved with Wife’s Liver with Successful liver transplantation

December 2,2020

Famous Mongolian Musician Couple, Husband's Life Saved with Wife’s Liver

Successful liver transplantation at Korea University Anam Hospital  

Went home after a rapid recovery

Famous Mongolian pianists Chinbat and his wife Sarnai went home after liver transplantation at Korea University Anam Hospital. Chinbat is a composer, pianist, and music producer in Mongolia, and Sarnai is a member of Sweetymotion, a Mongolian girl group.

The health of Chinbat who had been suffering from Hepatitis B in Mongolia suddenly deteriorated and needed a liver transplant. Health care providers of the National Cancer Center of Mongolia suggested the couple going to the Anam Hospital for successful liver transplantation.

The couple visited the hospital in late October last year. Initially, Chinbat’s sister was going to donate her liver, but the pre-transplant test results showed that she was not a match. So Chinbat was in a critical situation where he could die if no other donor was found. Fortunately, his wife Sarnai was a match and the surgery proceeded without delay. As a result, the couple regained their health and was discharged home.

“When he first came in, not just his liver but also his psychological health was undermined, but after the surgery, there is no sign of transplant rejection and he has recovered well,” Professor Dong-Sik Kim of the Organ Transplantation Center who performed the surgery stated. “I saw a YouTube video of him before getting sick, and I am glad that he quickly goes back to his normal state after the surgery.”

“I am truly grateful to my wife Sarnai, Professor Dong-Sik Kim, all the health care providers of Korea University Anam Hospital for giving me a new life,” Chinbat stated. 

“Mongolian medical staff recommended that I come to Anam Hospital,” Sarnai said. “After the surgery, I had to regain my health quickly to take care of my husband, but with the care and comfort of medical staff, I was able to recover from anxiety and regain my health quickly.”

The couple returned home after the treatments. Through the communication between the Mongolian medical staff and the medical staff of Korea University Anam Hospital, they will be closely monitored in Mongolia and Korea for their health.

Korea University Anam Hospital is the most sought-after Korean medical institution for Mongolian patients, and other patients from around the world, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Arab states, are visiting the hospital to regain health and save a life.