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Sevrance Hospital has been named as the top cancer research institution in Korea at the global scientific journal Nature.

August 31,2020

World 75th, ‘Nature Index 2020 Cancer’
Yonsei University Medical Center (Yoon, Do-heum, director of medical center) ranked first in research performance among domestic cancer hospitals in the '2020 Top 100 Healthcare Institutions in Cancer Research' released by Nature, one of the world's top three scientific journals. Yonsei University Medical Center ranked 75th place among the world's top 100 medical institutions. Nature selected a total of 45 papers from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019, which were published in SCI-level journals by Yonsei University Medical Center professors, divided into the fields of Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences. In the Life Sciences field, 33 articles including 8 Nature Communications (IF 11.878) were published. In the Chemistry field, 9 articles including 2 Analytical Chemistry (IF 6.350), in the Physical Sciences field, 6 articles including 2 Advanced Functional Materials (IF 15.621) were listed. Nature was featured on the website as an excellent thesis which was `Tumour exosomal CEMIP protein promotes cancer cell colonization in brain metastasis` published in the journal Nature Cell Biology (IF 17.728) by Professor Han-Sang Kim of the Department of Oncology at Yonsei University Hospital Cancer Clinic in November 2019 and 'FXR Regulates Intestinal Cancer Stem Cell Proliferation' published in the journal Cell (IF 36.216) by Professor Seong-soon Hwang of the School of Medical Sciences of the College of Medicine in February 2019. Regarding the achievements, Yonsei Medical Center Director Do-heum Yoon said, 'It is a fruit of our efforts to strengthen our research capabilities, such as receiving an order for immunotherapy drug research for the development of new anti-cancer drugs, and attracting research donations for the development of new drugs for lung cancer.' Keum Ki-chang, director of Yonsei Medical Cancer Clinic, said, 'Starting as the nation's first cancer center in 1969, Yonsei Cancer Hospital, based on the history and tradition of cancer treatment, accumulated experience, and international research and treatment networks, is targeting the world's best cancer hospital beyond Asia as well as Korea. In order to become a good hospital for cancer treatment, including incurable cancer, we are not giving up and trying to get good results with patients until the end. The completion of the nation's first mixed-use care center in 2022 will give us more power to treat cancer and strengthen our research capabilities. Meanwhile, Yonsei Medical Center ranked first among in Korea medical institutions in the '2019 Top 200 Medical Institutions in the Biomedical Field' announced by 'Nature' and was lanked to 81st among the world's 200 largest medical institutions.