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Korea University Anam Hospital, Professor Sung-gu Kang made a big success at the World Robotics Society

August 19,2020

More than 4,000 people participated including world robot surgery authorities Leading an extra-large international symposium, raising its international status. Professor Sung-gu Kang of the Department of Urology at Korea University Anam Hospital is making a big success at the International Robotic Surgery Symposium recently held and raising its international status Professor Sung-gu Kang served as the course director covering the entire session of SRS Asia 2020 (World Robotic Symposium Asia Session) at the International Robotic Surgery Symposium held from July 30 to August 2. The Asian session, led by South Korea, the U.S., China, and Japan, was a big success with more than 4,000 participants, including world robotics experts. Professor Sung-koo Kang explained the meaning of this symposium in a welcoming speech, saying, “It is an opportunity to overcome the Covid-19 crisis and use a non-face-to-face method to develop world robot surgery and strengthen the friendship of each country.” In addition, he said, 'We hope that this symposium will be a great stepping stone for the development of robotic surgery and will be of practical help in patient treatment.' Amid the attention of the world, Professor Kang also participated in lectures and discussions, passing on skills to medical staff around the world. In the second session, he gave a lecture on nerve preserving surgery in Robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, and in the fifth session, he was a debater on single-hole robot surgery using the latest robot surgical equipment 'Da Vinci SP,' which was recently introduced at Anam Hospital. In addition, in the US session as well as the Asian session, he gave lectures on surgery using the latest technique, single-hole robotic surgery, attracting great interest from the academic world. Meanwhile, Sung-gu Kang is a professor of urology at Korea University Anam Hospital and is recognized as a master in the field of robotic surgery for prostate cancer. In addition, as an honorary professor at the Global Robotic Surgery Research Institute (GRI) of the University Hospital of Central Florida, the world center of robotic surgery, he is actively engaged in international academic activities, such as teaching robotics techniques to medical staff around the world.