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Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Pass on the Microcerebrovascular Surgery technique to Thailand

February 12,2020

Professor Bang, Jae-seung and Lee, Si-woon of the Neurosurgery Cerebrovascular Surgery Team, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, have pass on Korean advanced cerebrovascular techniques to Thai medical staff. The team of neurosurgery was co-hosted and lecturer at 'The 1st Thailand Microvascular Anastomosis Workshop for Neurosurgeon' at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, one of Thailand's top university hospitals. Microvascular anastomosis, a highly precise clinical skill, is an essential technique for surgical treatment of moyamoya disease, cerebrovascular occlusion, and giant cerebral aneurysm. Professor Oh, Chang-wan of the neurosurgery department of neurosurgery at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital held 'The 1st Microvascular Anastomosis Workshop for Neurosurgeons' in 2007 Korea. Since 2010, they have been trying to inform Korean Neurosurgeons of excellent cerebrovascular surgery techniques to overseas Neurosurgeons, holding international workshops as 'The 1st Asia Pacific Microvascular Anastomosis Workshop for Neurosurgeons'. By 2019, they held 13 surgical workshops to train many cerebrovascular surgery specialists at home and abroad has been a pioneer in the anastomosis. Professor Bang, Jae-seung, who was invited as a co-host, said, 'I have been able to contribute to the quality improvement of cerebrovascular surgery in Thailand by teaching and demonstrating the experience and research results of nearly 20 years of microvascular anastomosis surgery.' Professor Lee, Si-woon said, 'With the aging population, the diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease is increasing rapidly, but there are not enough hospitals to fully experience and educate high-level cerebrovascular surgery to treat it.', 'I hope that patients who are suffering from the cerebrovascular disease will be treated properly by delivering excellent medicine to Korea as well as in various countries,'