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Korea University Anam Hospital, hit the record 4000 cases of robot surgeries.

January 20,2020

Korea University Anam Hospital went over 4,000 robotic operations. This is overwhelming achievement which took 12 years after the first surgery in July 2007. Robot Surgery Center of Korea University Anam Hospital takes care of lots of serious cases, especially which requires a high level of surgery skills. The field for the robot surgery is expanded to the thyroid, the breast reconstruction, the bladder, and the kidney as well as the prostate, the large intestine, and the rectal areas.We never say ‘no’ to any surgery even if it takes a long time or requires a high degree of difficulty. We always consider the best direction for the patients and their adaptation capability rather than the profits for the hospital. In particular, the best treatment for the patient is decided after going through enough discussion with other specialists in various departments. All these are able to happen since Robot Surgery Center gives the high priority to the policy, ‘Patients First!’. Thanks to this impeccable system, the conversion rate to laparotomy or laparoscopic surgery was as low as about 0.125% while achieving 4000 cases of the robot surgery. Even for a university hospital which handles a high level of surgical difficulty, it is not easy to attain that number, so the number itself is very significant and meaningful. Dr. Seokho Kang, Director of Robot Surgery Center, said, 'Conducting research constantly and cultivating men of talent are the only key to the sustainable development.' and added 'In order to be a mecca of a medical development in the future, we will never stop innovating and developing ourselves and become the center of the world in every field of surgery, research, and education.'