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JK Plastic Surgery Center, accredited as a hospital for foreign patients by Ministry of Health and Welfare for two consecutive terms.

January 13,2020

JK Plastic Surgery Center has been accredited as ‘Medical Institute for Foreign Patients’ from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for two consecutive years. This evaluation and designation were conducted in 2017 based on the Act on the Support for Medical Overseas Expansion and Attraction of Foreign Patients. Its designation and evaluation for the 2nd term was implemented this year.The accreditation is a system to improve reliability and encourage competitiveness by designating medical institutes that are capable to provide excellent services and safe clinical/ surgical environment to foreign patients. The evaluation is applied to both domestic and overseas patients in the same way which includes the questionnaires made up of 130 categories; safety of the surgery and procedures, response to emergencies, infection control system, customized service for foreign patients, etc. Based on the criteria of the questionnaires, the evaluation was conducted by reviewing documents, tracking the system for service quality improvements and patients’ safety, tracking the patients, touring the facilities, interviewing patients, etc. JK Plastic Surgery Center was the only one Korean plastic surgery clinic which passed the government evaluation and got the accreditation in 2017, which led a meaningful achievement as accredited again as an excellent medical institute for overseas patients in the following year for the first time in plastic surgery. According to JK Plastic Surgery Center, two consecutive accreditations have helped to ensure strong leadership and high commitment of team members by maintaining hospital policies that prioritize the safety management and the best medical service quality for foreign patients. Dr. Kwon Ju as Chief Surgeon and CEO said “Thanks to this second accreditation, we took another opportunity to make sure the quality of medical service, patients’ safety and service system. Up to now, we have been serving foreign patients from 100 different countries and wherever the patients are from, we are doing our best to meet their satisfaction.”