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Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, 'Learn oriental spinal treatment', foreign medical staff continue to visit Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

December 2,2019

There have been a series of visits by foreign medical staff to learn oriental non-surgical spinal treatment to Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine. During the visit to Korea to attend the 'ISO Traditional Medicine Technical Committee Meeting' organized by the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, 13 doctors and traditional medicine experts from the U.S., China, Japan, Australia and other countries visited the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine to tour oriental medicine and advanced medical treatment systems. They toured the Oriental medical clinic and the International medical center, learned about the principles, efficacy, and scientific achievements of oriental medicine and experienced Chuna Manual Therapy. In particular, the nonsurgical treatment for lumbar disc(lumbar intervertebral disc herniation.) showed great interest in the case to treat musculoskeletal system diseases, spinal stenosis Chuna Manual Therapy is a hand technique used by a physician to treat structural and functional problems by pushing and pulling on broken or crooked bones and joints, clumpy muscles and ligaments using hands, body parts, or tables. Incorrect position or distorted with traffic incidents, twisted joints, muscles, and ligaments are back on its feet to the position and body sculpting and reduce inflammation and pain. Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment is an emergency treatment that allows patients with lumbar discs that complain of severe pain, to loosen the muscles with herbal acupuncture or general acupuncture, and then walk or move by acupuncture in various blood spots. Jaseng Oriental Medical Hospital published in the famous international journal 'Pain', which reported a 46% reduction in pain after 30 minutes of treatment of Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment for patients with acute low back pain who had a score of 8 (Max to 10). After the Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment, they start the full treatment with various kinds of Acupuncture and Chuna Manual Therapy.
Ha-Neul Kim, head of the International Medical Center, said, 'There is an increasing number of foreign medical staff who are knocking on the doors of Jaseng Oriental Medical Hospital to learn oriental medicine treatment.' 'We will continue to make efforts to contribute to the globalization of Korean medicine and the Korean Wave of medicine by providing quality training programs.'