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Sun Medical Center, 30 doctors from abroad including the United States visited Daejeon Sun Hospital

July 26,2019

The expansion work done in Daejeon Sun Medical Center has allowed them to start treating patients on May 1. Steps are being taken not only at home but also abroad to see the hospital being reborn as a high-tech smart hospital. Thirty well known doctors from six countries came to visit the hospital. They can from the United States, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, who are notorious for having international competitiveness. In particular, the visiting group noted Korea's first observation operating room for guardiansand doctors' education. They were also impressed by the artificial intelligence robot developed as a guide and nurse helper, the one-sided hospital rooms designed only in one direction in the forest, 1:1 bedside monitors that allows inpatients to receive all services from their beds, unmanned receivers, and minimal treatment technique (Minimal Invasive OP). He also said he felt Korea is an IT powerhouse by looking at the exhibition art month for outpatients and the electronic touch screen for a historical view that shows the history of the hospital for over 50 years. Dr. Peter Sharky, who visited Seon Hospital as a member of the visiting group, said, 'I was surprised that Seon Hospital in a rural area, not Seoul, has such a high-tech system, and I was listening to the development of Korean medicine in the U.S., but I didn't know it would have developed this far.'