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Sun Medical Center, appreciate past foreign patients for revisiting

January 7,2019

Last December, 15 past patients from abroad, including Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, revisited Daejeon Sun hospital and expressed their gratitude for treatments. Since years ago, they have been treated at the healthcare, cancer and spinal joint centers and completely got cured from gastric cancer, colon cancer, artificial joints replacement, foot disease and etc. 'I cannot forget this place where I found a new life,' Nurbeckoba Sarah (63) from Kazakhstan said. 'Although [He] was hospitalized for over a month in a strange country and [he] felt depressed, the attending physician has taken care of [him] as if his son so [he] felt relieved.” '[He] gets a checkup every year, but only Sun hospital found the cancer. Three years after the surgery, [he] appreciates a care from hospital asking for [his] wellness by phone and e-mail.' He presented a brooch to his attending physician on that day. 'It is not easy to operate on a rare foot disease which causes pain when I walk on foot, but now it’s completely cured after the surgery at Sun hospital,' said Choi Iitchiyana (60) from the same country. '[He] also cannot forget the kind- and warmness of nurses. In Kazakhstan, patients hardly see nurses even after hospitalization, but nurses at Sun hospital looked after patients like family members.' '[He] is now voluntarily acting as an ambassador of Daejeon City as well as the hospital for [his] neighbors.' Lee, Kyu-eun, director of hospital management, said, “It is heart touching and rewarding to look at foreign patients recovering from illness.'