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Infertility Test, Infertility Treatment, In Vitro Fertilization, Artificial Insemination, Fertility Preservation, Male Infertility, Delivery, Postpartum Care, Vaginal Surgery, Health Check-up.


Achieved of National Accreditation Standards in Healthcare service and a commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of care, patients safety in accordance with the provision of Clause 1, Article 58 and 58-3 of the Medical Service Act. Ministry of Health and Welfare - Validation period : December 27, 2020 ~ December 26, 2024.
Received National Healthcare Accreditation -
2019 Rated A-grade in the Korean Society of Pathologists' quality assessment for the department of pathology (8 consecutive years)
2019 Commended in Ministry of Public Administration and Security for government innovation customized service.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare (2012, 2016)| Designated as Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialized Hospital - The Ministry of Health and Welfare (2011, 2014, 2017)| Accreditation of ISO 9001 for Medical Service (2005)| Accreditation of ISO 9001 for Infertility-related Medical Service for the first time in the nation (2004)| Designated as the business for promoting the regional leading medical techniques for attracting foreign patients - The Ministry of Health and Welfare (2014, 2017)


English +82-2-2007-1253
Mogilian +82-10-7672-1296

English scozii1@mizmedi.com
Mogolian tsolmon2020@mizmedi.com

  1. Introduction
  2. Major Departments & Centers
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  • Introduction

    With 150 medical staff and 500 employees, MizMedi Women's Hospital offers total medical care for the disease by women’s life cycles – pregnancy – childbirth – and postpartum. We offer professional and systematic care from Infertility center with global standards, the delivery center for safe delivery, and a specialist clinic for postpartum and other medical care. In addition to medical treatment for women, we have 13 general medical departments including internal medicine and urology, 9 specialty centers, and 50 special clinics to diagnose and treat various diseases.

    We have opened postpartum care center. Postnatal confinement is the time of recovery after a long pregnancy and strenuous labour and delivery for the new mum. This is crucial period of adjustment after childbirth which the mother’s reproductive system returns to its normal pre-pregnancy state. We will provide a specialized and skilled postnatal care which has been built up with many years of working experience with new mums and newborn


  • Major Departments & Centers

    – iDream Infertility center
    We first succeeded in a test-tube baby in 1987 and the frozen embryo preservation method in 1988. Our pregnancy success rate has reached more than 50% through excellent laboratory, male infertility specialist, and general hospital coordination system.

    - Robotic Surgery Center
    MizMedi Hospital, which has conducted more than 100,000 Obstetrics and Gynecology surgeries over 20 years, has introduced 4th generation advanced da Vinci robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is a type of exquisite laparoscopic surgery. It is a minimally invasive surgery in which a computer system transmits the movements of the doctor's hand to a robotic arm equipped with a delicate wrist to enable accurate and safe surgery.

    – Laparoscopic Surgery Center
    This is Korean highest-quality laparoscopic surgery medical center with an average of 200 laparoscopic surgeries monthly. 98% of many gynecological diseases, including uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, pelvic adhesion, ectopic pregnancy, and endometrial polyp are treated by laparoscopy without abdominal surgery.

    – Miz Delivery Center
    Gangseo MizMedi delivery center is the largest delivery center in Gangseo-gu with a cumulative number of delivery cases of 60,000 or more since its establishment.

    - Postpartum Care Centre (DearOne)
    We have a single building of Postpartum Care Centre opened for new mums and newborn babies, and it has various types of rooms. We help mothers become parents through our differentiated educational programs beyond rest and recovery. The program includes specialised educational sessions of the neonatal team at Mizmedi Hospital, One-on-one customized breastfeeding education for each mother, and 5 times visits of pediatricians from Mizmedi Hospital. In addition, we offer a postpartum specialised Spa for mothers and babies and individualized fitness programs for only pregnant women and women who have just given birth. We provide a specialized and skilled postnatal care which has been built up with many years of working experience with new mums and newborn babies.
  • International Services

    – Free medical interpreter offered
    – Free Airport Pick-up Service (offered to in vitro fertilization patients)
    – Free Pocket Wifi Rental
    – Accommodations reservations
    – International Patients Meal (for Russian)
    – Events for international patients
    – Wechat pay and  Alipay accepted
  • Location

  • Doctors

  • Contact

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