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JCI : Year of 2011, 2014, 2017 (Sejong hospital)



  1. Introduction
  2. Major Departments & Centers
  3. International Services
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  • Introduction

    New healing experience you can enjoy in hospital Health and happiness in future, it is the world in dream of this Incheon Sejong Hospital. We do our best for human beings to enjoy health and happiness in future with our all available capacities. The best cardio-cerebrovascular center in Asia The first and the only Specialty Medical Complex in Korea. Due to introduction of officially recognized systems of special hospitals, it is allowed for patients to get enough treatment and care for related illness in one site.
    • Korea’s first multiplex medical institute where 3 special hospitals assigned by the ministry of health and welfare exist in one place
    • Application of medical treatment system specialized in cardio-cerebrovascular disorders of the only/the best hospital specialized in heart diseases, Sejong Hospital
    • Application of patients’ safety and quality management system of this Sejong Hospital validated by domestic and domestic hospital certification system
  • Major Departments & Centers

    Hospital providing complex medical service centering on the best expertise

    Medical professionals of this Incheon Sejong Hospital consisting of the world best specialists enhance synergic effects of treatment through mutual cooperation.

    Medical specialists from university hospital

    Foundation of organic joint treatment between departments, morning conference

    Hospital where you can enjoy the medical service fast and comfortably

    A hospital possible to respond to severe and urgent illness including cardio-cerebrovascular disease with the fastest treatment, it is this Incheon Sejong Hospital

    The only 24hr cardio-cerebrovascular specialist residing system in Korea

    Operation of Rapid Response Team (RRT), the first as secondary medical institute

    The Asian first introduction of the most advanced real-time monitoring system beyond space and time, ‘Connected Care Solution’

    The world first development and introduction of AEGIS (cardiac Arrest Early warning algorithm In Sejong hospital), a real-time detecting system of patient risk sign

    Possible to provide immediate response to severe emergency patient by operation of emergency medical center where emergency physicians reside for 24 hr in 365 days

    This hospital helps fast return to daily life by minimizing time for recovery through minimal invasive and minimal excision centered therapies

    Accurate diagnosis from introduction of the most elaborate and fast, superprecision 512 channel Revolution CT in existing CT and high tech 3 Tesla MRI

    Minimal invasive operation center to perform an operation in less time, leaving a scar as small as possible

    The most advanced operation room meeting international medical standard, angiography room

    Hybrid operation room to allow both internal/surgical procedure and operation in one site

    Rehabilitation therapy center allowing recovery with the nature scaled about 330 square meter

  • International Services

    Medical service optimized for foreign patients

    International Healthcare Center 

    This Incheon Sejong Hospital, a Korean representative international medical center that have attracted about 15,000 patient since 2009 when attraction of patients was initiated officially in Korea, stretches out toward the world.

    Major services

    • Exclusive reception and special consultation site for foreign patients, transfer to ward through private elevator
    • Medical care service optimized for foreign patients and residence of coordinator who was a medical staff and can communicate
    • Full care service of exclusive team for foreigners (24 hour Hot-line Care)
    • Operation of private VIP ward for foreign patients
    • Provide interpretation and pick-up service throughout full course from entry to departure
    • Provide on-site video consultation service with medical professionals

    Concierge service (Appointment for medical consultation, invitation letter, hotel reservation, change of flight ticket, etc.)  

    The only one-stop therapy system of this Incheon Sejong Hospital

    For patients visiting Korea from foreign countries for treatment, we are trying to minimize stay in KOREA and time for recovery from surgery or procedure by preparing one-stop system where all process can be completed within 1 week. On/off-line consultation → Make a schedule for treatment prior to entrance → Pick up from the airport and transfer service → Medical consultation and examination → Hospitalization → Treatment → Discharge → Drop to the airport service → Consultation and aftercare service by private coordinator 

    Aftercare service 

    Incheon Sejong Hospital manages your health for whole life even after treatment. After returning to your country, medical staffs and coordinators of Sejong Hospital will check your health via consultation. You can receive therapeutic advice and prescription of necessary drugs. 

    Operation of private ward for foreign patients 

    Incheon Sejong Hospital introduced all of operation know-how of Sejong Hospital that had opened international medicine exclusive ward for foreign patients for the 1st time in Korea to provide the best care service. 

    Service provided in ward 

    ▪ can watch local broadcasting in all ward and use free Wi-Fi for 24 hr a day. 

    ▪ can give fast response even in emergency by establishing 24 hr communication system with interpretation staffs. 

    ▪ can choose their meal including Korean or Western food. 

    ▪ provides basic daily living apparatus such as washing machine, microwave and water purifier.

    ▪ All wards can accommodate a patient with a caregiver basically.

    ▪ When you want another accommodation than private ward for foreign patients, we will introduce near accommodation.  (Cost for accommodation will be paid by you)

  • Location

  • Doctors

  • Contact

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