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2007 ~ Present : JCI
2010 ~ Present : National Accreditation Certificate
2011~Present : NCSI ranked #1(10 consecutive years)



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  • Introduction

    Established in 1885, Severance Hospital of Yonsei University Health System is Korea’s first modernized hospital and has been recognized as Korea’s most trusted hospital nationally as well as internationally. Yonsei University College of Medicine is the oldest and the most prestigious medical school in Korea. Since the foundation, Severance Hospital has carried out its mission of advancing and applying knowledge to improve health by engaging in the three essential activities: educating medical professionals through College of Medicine and other professional schools; conducting cutting-edge biomedical and clinical research; and providing reliable and comprehensive patient care.

    Severance Hospital, the main hospital of the YUHS has over 2,500 beds and over 6,000 employees including 2,140 physicians. The hospital is comprised of 5 specialized hospitals, 27 specialty centers, and 16 cancer clinics. Within the YUHS, there are also 3 regional hospitals along with Severance Hospital and they are located in different areas of Korea. The total number of beds within the YUHS is over 3,600.

    Severance Hospital is the nation’s first medical institution to introduce robotic surgical system. Since performing the first robotic operation using the da Vinci robotic system in 2005, Severance Hospital has achieved the remarkable record of exceeding over 30,000 cases of robotic surgery. Severance is unique in that the use of da Vinci robotic system is not just limited to prostate cancer, but is widely applied across many clinical specialties, such as general surgery, urology, gynecology, chest surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and otorhinolaryngology. Severance Hospital also opened the Severance Robot and MIS Center in 2009, which is Asia’s second official robotic training center of da Vinci. The Center offers very specialized and customized robotic surgical training for surgeons from many different countries including the USA. As to date, over 1,000 surgeons from 28 different countries have received hands-on surgical training from the Center.

  • Major Departments & Centers

    clinical specialties; 67 clinical departments, 16 cancer clinics, 27 specialty centers, 5 Specialized Hospitals, and Dental Hospital. It has vast experiences in surgical treatments and its distinctive strength lies in a full spectrum of surgery and treatments provided by the world-class medical teams equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Severance’s world-renowned specialists provide multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatments in their respective fields.

    Next-Generation Therapies

    As part of our commitment to offering the world’s most-advanced cancer care, we are now on track to open Korea’s first heavy-ion cancer therapy facility in 2022. This new paradigm in non-invasive cancer therapies will give us the ability to precisely target and destroy the most difficult to treat cancers for substantially better outcomes with minimal to no side-effects or pain.

  • International Services

    * Translation(English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Mongolian, Japanese)
    * Flight & Hotel reservation with discounted price for VIP
    * VIP Limousine service (Airport ↔ Hotel)
    * Contracted Insurance Companies Direct Billing Service
    * Fast Track
    * Meal : Korean, Western, Russian, Halal

  • Location

  • Contact

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