Yeson ENT(Ear,Nose & Throat) clinic,cure Kazakhstan pediatric patient with laryngeal papilloma.

December 10, 2018

Yeson ENT undertook free medical treatment for Teya Akhmedova (3 years old), a Kazakhstan, who diagnosed with laryngeal papilloma. At the age of 18 months,Teya went emergency room by developing difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed with laryngeal papilloma, recurrent disease, and underwent surgery but her symptoms were not alleviated. She was recommended to Yeson Voice Center in Korea for surgery as her recurrent dyspnea was difficult to treat in Kazakhstan. After Teya went through three surgeries to prevent a recurrence, she returned to her home country and promised to re-visit Yeson for further treatment. “I want to give strength to Teya who has not heard her voice since she was suffering from laryngeal papilloma at a young age and her parent” said Kim Hyung-Tae, a director, Yeson Voice Center. “I will help Teya to regain her voice and ease her voice. “He added.

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