Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, achieved more than 3,000 cases of kidney transplantation

December 18, 2018

South Korea writes a new historical record of kidney transplantation as St. Mary’s Hospital Kidney Transplantation Team completes over 3000 cases of Kidney Transplantation. St. Mary’s Hospital reached its 3000th kidney transplantation in August 2018 and 2000thtransplantation in 2011 through a continuous effort of achieving more than 100 cases of transplantation per year which only remained at the level of 50 or 60 cases per year before the hospital was opened and since Korea’s first successful kidney transplantation was conducted 49 years ago, dating back to 1969 March 25th.  

Activating factors of these kidney transplantations are seen under the network of hospital’s leading Catholic Medical Center such as the increase in number of transplantation cases through organ donors who were declared brain dead, transplantations under sensitization (condition with high possibility of inducing negative response to transplanted kidney due to already formed antibodies), and successful completion of high-level organ transplantation such as providing concurrent therapy of anticancer treatment and kidney transplantation to a patient who carries both leukemia and chronic renal failure.  

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