Severance Hospital, which boasts world-class cancer treatment, is leading the way in medical innovation through high-tech robotic surgery for liver

June 27, 2017


In October, 2016, Professor Choi Ki-hong, Department of HBP surgery, and Professor Kim Myung-soo, Department of transplantation surgery, at the Transplant Center of Severance Hospital succeeded in performing liver resection with robotic surgical instruments for the first time in Korea.In liver transplant surgery, the liver donor must undergo laparotomy for liver resection and they usually take about a month to recover after surgery. However, liver transplant through robot-assisted surgery reduces the laparotomy area and help the donor recover more quickly. This is because the robot arm needs only a 10-cm-long incision to take out the liver. The patient’s son, who was a donor, was discharged in a healthy state after ten days.

In Korea, the first successful robotic surgery of liver transplantation, as a high-tech operation, shows the ‘identity’ of Severance Hospital. What it means that Severance has been providing patients with the best medical services by combining their medical knowledge and know-how with the advanced technology of robotic surgery.

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