Severance Hospital, achieves 100 cases of Da Vinci SP robotic surgery.

July 1, 2019

Yonsei University Severance Hospital achieved 100 cases of Da Vinci SP robotic surgery. Severance Hospital introduced the first robotic surgical instrument in Korea in 2005, making it the world’s first institute to achieve 20,000 cases last year. The Severance Hospital thus first introduced Da Vinci SP in Korea after the US. The surgery performed at Severance Hospital accounts for about 22% of the global Da Vinci SP robot surgery. Severance Hospital has introduced Da Vinci SP to complement the existing da Vinci system limitations in single-port laparoscopy. Compared to that of the existing equipment, this device approaches deeper into the human body with a smaller incision, 2.5cm. It reduces pain in patient recovering from surgery. The multi-joint system allows more precise and free movement in a narrow space than that of a conventional robot surgery device. Since the first operation on October 2018, the 100 cases were recorded after about 4 months. Amongst Da Vinci SP robotic surgeries, 74% of the cases are ENT and thyroid endocrine surgery, 11% of urological surgery, 9% of pancreatic surgery, and 5% of gynecologic surgery. Han Woong-gyu, director of the Robot Endoscopic Surgery Center, explained, “partial nephrectomy and myomectomy, which used to be difficult to be performed with conventional robotic equipment, can now be performed by single-port laparoscopy. Meanwhile as of February, Severance Hospital has the largest number of DaVinci robotic surgical instruments in Korea as a single institution. Approximately 2,900 cases of robot surgery are performed every year.

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