Seoul St. Mary Hospital provided free medical care to Philippine baby

July 28, 2016

cmc_phliphino baby happy

Sia Bansuella from the Philippines is only 2 years old. She is born with anal atresia and heart disease. The diseases are treatable and curable, but her family doesn’t have much money for her surgery.

Her parents have worked hard at a junk shop and when she developed inside her mother, typhoon ‘Haiyan’ went so far as to hit their house. When Rev. Phillp Park volunteered in Philippines, he heard about Sia Bansuella’s story and asked her treatment to the Seoul St. Mary Hospital.

The hospital had made the decision to provide free medical care for 2-year-old girl. Medical team(Dr Lee Cheol(Cardiovascular), Dr. Lee Myung-Duk(Pediatric), Dr. Lee Jae-young(Pediatric Heart Disease)) successfully performed the heart surgery and anoplasty. Sia Bansuella was nursed back to health and returned to home with her mother.

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