Seoul National University Hospital-Gangnam Center, plans to be established as the best internationally recognized examination center.

October 23, 2019

Joo-sung Kim, the new head of the at Seoul National University Hospital- Gangnam Center, said at the inauguration for the director held on Tuesday that he would make the Gangnam center the best internationally recognized medical examination center. For this the Gangnam center will step up efforts to predict the risk of disease through genetic analysis and checkups and develop customer experience designs using big data analysis technology. He also will make a contract with Aktobe, Kazakhstan to build, education and, advisory the examination center. Also planning to make his best effort to expand its business overseas. In addition, plans to wide open the Gangnam center wide so that everyone can get the best disease prevention and health promotion services, and leading health promotion agency with the “Total Life Care Center” that shares customers’ life journey.

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