Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, achieves GHA international medical certification for the first time in Korea

November 18, 2019

– Proven world-class international care environment through Global Health Accreditation certification

-From the time of first referral of foreign patients to follow-up management after returning home, we have an international customized medical treatment system

-Recognized as a leading international medical institution comparable to Cleveland Clinic in USA and Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand

-Will continue to improve the medical environment so that foreign patients can be safe to visit.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (President & CEO Rong-Min Baek) has obtained international medical certification from Global Health Accreditation (GHA) for the first time in South Korea. The GHA is an organization composed of advisers from the Joint Commission International (JCI), which carries out systematic and reliable verification to the world’s leading medical institutions, which have played a leading role in international health care, and contributes to the standardization of international health care and the improvement of medical quality. The GHA certification was proceed based on 56 evaluation questions based on a total of 14 criteria. Two GHA expert investigators visited and examined Seoul National University Bundang Hospital in person and notify them of obtaining international medical certification. The evaluation was conducted comprehensively on whether medical care, safety and medical quality management guidelines related to medical services for foreign patients are properly provided, as well as airplane, lodging, transportation, translation, religious and cultural support. As a result of the evaluation, the International Medical Center of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital was officially certified as having an international standard medical system. In particular, the GHA evaluation team highly evaluated the advanced medical information system of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, which improves the safety and efficiency of foreign patient care, and the dedicated patient-specific care system of hospital staff to improve the medical performance of foreign patients.

The International Medical Center of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital has been working hard to categorize the process from the time of initial referral of foreign patients to post-care after returning to Korea into nine stages over the past two years. And it has been continuously reestablishing and standardize the process with the goal of GHA certification. Joong-Haeng Cho, Director of the International Medical Center, said, “In order to provide better quality medical services to foreign patients, there has been a need for international certification through objective verification, this GHA certification is a valuable result of our efforts to continuously improve the medical process of foreign patients.”

President & CEO Rong-Min Baek said, “This certification is the first in Korea, which proves that our Bundang Seoul National University Hospital maintains a world-class and safe international medical care environment”, and he also said, “We will do our best to understand patients and improve the medical service and medical care environment in the future so that foreign patients with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds can visit our hospitals with confidence.” With this GHA certification, Bundang Seoul University Hospital has strengthened its role as a leading medical institution in the international medical field alongside Cleveland Clinic in USA and Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand.

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