Sejong General Hospital has successfully performed a delicate heart operation again

August 23, 2016

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On 10th June, dedicated heart transplant team members, Dr. KyungHee Kim, a cardiologist and Dr. JaeSuk Yoo, a cardiothoracic surgeon) at Sejong General Hospital(SJH) performed a heart operation successfully.

Sejong General Hospital has been named one of the top cardiotherapy hospitals in Korea. In order to provide more specified medical service, SJH opened cardiovascular center in January 2015 and it is expected to revitalize and to strengthen an operation of a heart transplant.

Mr. Lee, who faced myocardial infarction visited the cardiovascular center in SJH. At first, he suffered the heart muscle necrosis and had a stent surgery before he visited the SJH. However, unfortunately his disease did not see improvement and finally he faced cardiac insufficiency.

Through injection and medication, his statement was thoroughly observed and Dr.Kim proposed cardiovascular transplant operation to his family. He had a heart transplant eventually in the Sejoing General Hospital and it was successful.

A heart transplant preparatory committee, which was established in 2013 has held a monthly meeting and they kept discussing about his treatment. The medical team had to make thorough preparations and mapped out a detailed action plan of operation. In cardiovascular center of SJH, he got the surgery. He has now recovered after surgery and left the hospital in good shape.

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