Restoring rectus by surgery, saving a 6-year old Filipino girl’s life

September 30, 2014

A 6-year old Filipino girl, Jesa had been suffering from imperforate anus. She was born without anus and her ballooned belly was found on the 4th day of her birth. Right after her disease was diagnosed in Philippines, she underwent the surgery to create a small hole that passes through the anus and vagina. However, in 2013, she was diagnosed with progressing internal infection by a Korean surgeon, who were volunteering in the region. Seoul Saint Mary’s Hospital heard Jesa’s pitiful story from the Sister of Charity, Nabotas, Philippines. Dr. Lee, Myeong-Deock, of Pediatrics Surgery examined her medical status and health thoroughly and the performed two different surgeries, anoplasty and fistula repair surgery. It was amazing days for Jesa and her mother while they stayed in Seoul Saint Mary’s Hospital and found back Jesa’s happiness like everybody else enjoys.


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