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KOIHA (2016,2020)
Korea Institute for Healthcare accreditation (2020)
World’s Best Specialized Hospitals – Oncology (2019~2021)




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  • О клинике



    ○ National Cancer Center(NCC) is the only comprehensive cancer center supported by the government.

    ○ NCC leads research, medical care, education on cancer and supports national cancer control programs.

    ○ NCC is growing into the World's Best National Cancer Center.

    ○ A comprehensive Medical Care based on an innovative clinical framework commit to patients embodied in the Establishment of 11 Disease-Specific centers & 4 specialised centers 

    ○ NCC Provide customised Care for Cancer Patients through coordinated consultations and Treatment

    ○ One-stop process enables every Individual Patient receives Quality Care at NCC

    ○ Multidisciplinary experts' councelling for Cancer Treatment Planning Comprehensive Care after Cancer Treatment

    ○ A Leading cancer research institute taking Full Advantage of Innovation Ideasand Technology

    ○ A Leading Cancer institute utilizing innovative clinical Research Strategies

    ○ Institution that Generates an Evidence for Effective National Cancer Control Policy

    ○ Providing a World Class Training for the Cancer Professionals 

  • Основные отделы и центры

    [Proton Therapy Center]

    What is Proton Therapy?

    Proton Therapy is a type of radiotherapy. Radiotherapy uses X–rays or electron beams to destroy cancer cells. X–rays, which are mostly used in radiotherapy, also damage neighboring healthy cells. Proton beams, unlike X–rays, release most of their energy when they reach the tumor cells. After this point, their energy decreases dramatically. The location where the most energy is released is called the ‘Bragg Peak’.
    The location of the Bragg Peak varies according to the strength of the beam and the tissues it passes through. By controlling the strength of the proton beam, we can precisely target the tumor and destroy it.

    What makes Proton Therapy different?

    Conventional X-rays affect all of the tissues along the beam path. However, using proton beams, we can carefully control the radiation to ensure that most of the energy is released within the tumor tissue. This can minimize damage to healthy tissues located in the beam path.
    This picture demonstrates the difference between X-ray and Proton Therapy. Proton Therapy can be used to treat tumors in the craniospinal space and minimizes the radiation dose delivered to the rest of the body.
    (a) X–ray and (b) Proton Therapy

    Types of tumors treated in Proton Therapy

    [Rare Cancer Center]

    The NCC Rare Cancer Center is a place where oncology experts from different departments gather to treat patients with rare cancers. Rare Cancers are those that affect fewer than 20,000 people per year in Korea. Rare cancer includes various types of cancer, such as musculoskeletal tumour in bone or soft tissue, laryngeal cancer such as brain or spinal cord cancer, pharyngeal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, eye and oral and maxillary cancer.

    Although it is hard to find new treatments for rare cancers for many reasons, such as the low incidence rate of rare cancerss, the NCC Rare Cancer Center has been making leading efforts to develop optimal treatments that are more feasible.



    [Specialized Cancer Check-up Service]

    Staffed by renowned cancer specialists and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for gastroscopy, total colonoscopy, low-dose chest CT, PET/CT, and MRI/MRA, the Cancer Prevention and Detection Center offers comprehensive cancer examination services. When abnormal findings are detected in the stomach, lung, colorectum, liver, thyroid, breast, ovary, gallbladder, pancreas, prostate and etc., NCC promptly refers the patient to the corresponding center of the NCC Hospital for more in-depth evaluation and treatment. The newest and best medical care is provided to finish the whole process just in a half-day by our cancer specialists and highly trained nurses.

  • Услуги для иностранных пациентов

    Timely Response to overseas patient’s requests

    Language Assistance (Interpreters can be provided as needed)

    Arrange Safe Transportation from and to International Airport

    International Healthcare Team will assist you to set up your schedule

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