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Oh Joo-Han

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Shoulder surgery & Sports medicine including Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Fracture

Academic Background and Work Experience

  • 1992 Seoul National University, College of Medicine
  • 2001 Seoul National University, College of Medicine, M.S.
  • 2003 Seoul National University, College of Medicine, Ph.D.
  • 2003-2008 Assistant Professor, Orthopedic surgery, SNUBH
  • 2008-2010 Exchange Professor, UC Irvine Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory
  • 2008-2014 Associate Professor, Orthopedic surgery, SNUBH
  • 2014 Professor, Orthopedic surgery, SNUBH
  • 2017 Director, Joint Disease&Reconstruction Center, SNUBH
  • 2018 Director, Department of Orthopedic surgery, SNUBH
Professor Oh and his team take charge of shoulder diseases and sports-related injury. He specializes in arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery for rotator cuff tear, labral tears (SLAP lesion or Bankart lesion in shoulder instability), osteoarthritis, and fractures​ around shoulder. Recently, his considerable experience on surgical technique and clinical research works result better outcomes in patients with primary osteoarthritis and cuff tear arthropathy due to increasing interests on arthroplasty, He also runs a ​s​ports ​medicine ​clinic for baseball, golf, and tennis professionals and general ​populations with ​sports injuries on ​shoulder. For basic research, ​he focuses on joint disorder from biomechanical and biologic perspective​​ using cadavers and animals, as well as stem cell, PRP and so on​. By outstanding basic science research on rotator cuff healing model with animals, he received 'Charles Neer Award' in 2013 and 'NIRA Award' in 2016 which are only provided to the best researcher who contributed to the understanding, care or prevention of injuries to the shoulder and elbow. His other interest is 2D/3D kinematic models of joints using computer-based virtual figure dra​wings​ and motion analysis​. He has published more than 130 SCI papers until now. In 2016, he successfully accomplished hosting the 13th ICSES (International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons) as the Secretary General, and actively participate the international meetings and symposiums to share his knowledges and experiences with world-famous surgeons as well as to educate young doctors. Also, he is now serves as a chief of Field Doctor Team for LG Twins (Korean Professional Baseball Team).