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HJ Magnolia Medical Foundation volunteered to share medical love to African patients

October 8,2021

△ Postoperative rounding for Ngdin Sunarozin (23 yr), a patient from Côte d'Ivoire, Africa

△ Postoperative rounding for Eunju Elizabeth Sakala (26 yr), a patient from Zambia, Africa 

The HJ Magnolia Medical Foundation found and invited African patients who are having financial difficulties and struggling from poor medical environment, and volunteered to share medical service with full support.

Ng Dinh (23) from Côte d'Ivoire, Africa, was born with a congenital disability due to a nurse's medication mistake during her mother's pregnancy. The nerve below the left elbow was damaged because she could not receive proper treatment for financial burdens.

HJ Magnolia Medical Foundation learned of her unfortunate story and coordinated with a volunteer organization AEWON to select Ms. Ng Dinh as a medical support beneficiary. They invited her to the hospital and treated her. The operation was carried out on April 28 (Wednesday) by Director Woo-seok Jang of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, HJ Magnolia International Hospital.

Another example is Eunju (26 • female) from Zambia, Africa. When she was little, she severely injured her joint in a fall, but had no treatment due to poor environment of her local clinics. She used to have severe pain that caused her normal life to be difficult. The surgery of Eunju's hip was also performed on June 9 (Wednesday) with the participation of Director Woo-seok Jang. Currently she is undergoing rehabilitation.

The HJ Magnolia Medical Foundation has performed overseas medical volunteer for the past 20 years together with the volunteer organization AEWON and Ilmi Dental Clinic. While they were practicing medical volunteer in Africa in 2019, they found the patients and invited them with full fund for the surgery so that the surgery could be performed.