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Gangnam Arumdaunnara Beauty Clinics Group, Gold Target Pneumatic Laser Therapy, effective for acne treatment

May 20,2021

[Biopsy comparison before and after treatment]

Before                                           After

(Excessive inflammatory cells around                (The sebaceous glands are diminished

the sebaceous glands are observed.)                  and inflammatory cells are reduced.)

Acne occurs widely from adolescence to adults, and it is common to take antibiotics, sebum suppressants, or apply an ointment for treatments.

However, there are issues: antibiotic resistance, risk of birth defects, skin irritation, limitations in treatment, and recurrence soon after symptom relief.

Recently, a special attention has been paid to a paper released in an international journal on pneumatic laser target therapy, which shows that applying gold nanoparticles is effective in treating acne.

◇ Applying gold nanoparticles as a target, 'Upgraded pneumatic laser therapy'

The dermatologists of the Sebaceous Gland Center, Arumdaun Nara Clinic in Gangnam and Bundang, published a thesis on the effectiveness of pneumatic laser therapy applying gold nanoparticles in acne treatments in the latest issue of Dermatologic Therapy, an international academic journal in dermatology SCI.

Pneumatic laser therapy is a treatment in which the sebaceous glands in the acne area are pulled up to the skin surface using air pressure (negative pressure) to discharge sebum, and then photothermal is shot to pinch and remove acne bacteria and sebaceous glands.

It is reported that comedo can be physically removed and the efficacy to remove acne bacteria is excellent.

150nm fine gold nanoparticles act as a target in the pores of the acne area, maximizing the efficiency and effect of pneumatic laser therapy.
When gold nanoparticles are penetrated into the skin with special ultrasonic waves applied, they are absorbed by the sebaceous glands and meet with rays of a specific wavelength to generate heat and create a vacuumed environment so that the death of sebaceous gland cell can be induced.

The dermatologists examined the changes after performing 3 times targeted treatment with gold nano pneumatic laser for the patients with moderate or worse acne.

As a result, pustules (a rash caused by purulent), papules (a small lump in the hair follicle), and comedones (millet-shaped protruding acne), which are the typical symptoms of acne, were statistically significantly reduced. In addition, erythema and pigmentation were also relieved at the same time

In particular, the change and treatment effect of acne lesions were directly confirmed through biopsy. Compared to the previous treatment, the sebaceous glands were destroyed 1 month after the procedure, resulting in a decrease in the number of sebaceous glands and a decrease in inflammatory cells.
The dermatologists mentioned that the effect of skin regeneration could be observed due to the increase in collagen fibers in the dermal layer of the acne area.

◇ Effective when it is difficult to use the medicine to be taken or applied
If acne is not treated early, it recurs and scars or pigmentation remain. However, sebum secretion inhibitors, which are commonly used as oral drugs, are controversial, considering deformity-causing concerns, tolerance problems, dry eyes and mouth while ointments can cause skin irritation and discomfort.

This paper has presented the results of treatment to reduce the sebaceous glands without the use of oral medicines or ointments and to improve acne erythema, spots, and pigmentation at once.
It is expected to be helpful to acne patients who are difficult to take medicine, young students with early acne, women at childbearing age, and acne patients with a combination of pigmentation and erythema.

The dermatologist Hyungseop Kim, the Director of Arumdaun Nara Sebum Center said, “If you are reluctant to take medicine, upgraded pneumatic laser therapy using gold nanoparticles as a target will be an effective way to resolve recurring acne.”
“Even young adolescents and women suffering from various acne such as comedonic acne or purulent acne can receive treatment with confidence,” he added.