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Nanoori Hospital, awarded Presidential Citation of Medical Korea 2021 Global Healthcare

March 31,2021

메디컬코리아(Medical Korea) 2021」 개최 - 포토 | 뉴스 | 대한민국 정책브리핑 

On the 18th, Doctor Il-Tae Jang, Founder of Nanoori Hospital, received the Presidential Citation as the best honor at the opening ceremony of 'Medical Korea 2021, the 11th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference' held at the COEX Grand Ballroom in Samseong-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The merit award ceremony happened at the opening ceremony of 'Medical Korea 2021, the 11th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference' held by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and hosted by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. In order to strengthen national competitiveness, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has selected and awarded organizations or individuals that have contributed to developing domestic medical care, leading to overseas expansion of medical care and attracting more foreign patients every year.

Nanoori Hospital was nominated as an award recipient by the Korea International Medical Association (KIMA), and was selected according to the detailed evaluation criteria. After the review procedure of the Public Review Committee, it was finally selected for the award. The achievements of Nanoori Hospital include opening a hospital in Shanghai, China in 2018, and a spinal and joint center in Dubai, UAE in 2020, by which they have been committed to sharing medical experience and technology with the world and helped promote K-medical abroad.   

By establishing a global medical treatment system, consistently performing overseas marketing, and sharing their medical technology, they have made great achievements in attracting more than 400 foreign patients as an annual average. 

It was also recognized for its contributions, having 86 graduates from the US, Singapore, and China through the education program NAVI so that the outstanding K-medicine including the excellent techniques for the spine could be acknowledged throughout the world. 

"We are glad that we have been recognized for the excellent quality of Nanoori Hospital," said Sun-ok Hong, Director of the International Medical Center at Nanoori Hospital, who has made great contributions to the award. She also added, "We will take the lead in promoting K-medicine, expanding the infrastructure that can be developed."

After awarded, Founder Il-Tae Jang of Nanoori Hospital mentioned, "It is a great honor to receive the great award of the Presidential Citation. We will continue to develop a training for international medical staff, attracting more foreign patients and holding an exchange program so as to be a hospital with the advanced medical system. "

Since 2011, Nanoori Hospital has expanded their medical service ‘Love Nanoori’ to foreign patients, which provides a free surgery to the underprivileged in the local community. In 2016, the treatment procedures for Mongolian lumbar fusion patient was broadcast through a Mongolian private broadcaster (TV8) and in 2017, the case of Kyrgyzstan patients with hip dysplasia was aired as a documentary through Kyrgyzstan Public Broadcasting (KTRK), all of which drew high attention from Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. 'Love Nanoori' celebrated its 10th anniversary in December last year and performed this sharing benefiting 152 patients in total.