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Dankook University Hospital, Professor Seung-hoon Woo's team has gotten attention to the scarless ‘Transoralthyroid cancer surgery’.

October 28,2019

'Is it possible to have a scarless cancer surgery?' Dankook University Hospital, Professor Seung-hoon Woo's team, has established a scarless thyroid cancer surgery called the 'Transoral thyroid cancer surgery,' has gotten attention from scholars both inside and outside. At present, thyroid cancer surgery used carbon dioxide (CO2) to secure surgical space, but this could have a fatal effect on patients by increasing the chances of blood clots due to blood vessels distributed around the thyroid. It was also difficult to use surgical instruments through small holes. However, professor Woo's new surgical method allows various surgical instruments to be used simultaneously without using CO2 gas and has been safely approached anatomically, eliminating the possibility of sensory nerve damage in the lower lip. This facilitates the operation process while enhancing the safety of the operation and increasing the satisfaction of surgical patients. Professor Woo recently published the results in the SCI paper 'Surgical Endoscopy', and introduced the scarless transoral thyroid cancer surgery method, which does not use CO2 gas, in a lecture hosted by the 2019 Eurasia Society in Moscow, Russia. The patient who recently had thyroid cancer surgery from professor Woo said, 'At first, I was scared when they said I was doing the surgery through my mouth, but the pain was not severe after the surgery and I could eat right away on the day of the surgery. Most of all, I'm satisfied that there are no visible scars after the surgery'. In the future, this surgery method can be applied not only to scarless thyroid surgery, but also to the anterior branch tumor, parathyroid gland, and mediastinal tumor surgery, and is expected to be useful in forming the uvula of transgender. Meanwhile, Professor Seung-hoon Woo recently won the 2019 Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 'DAIN Leading Research Award', he has been getting attention from the academic community for his treatment of thyroid cancer and scarless surgery in the scalp area (including thyroid gland).