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HJM International Medical Center, Korean and Japanese doctors' joint academic research about cancer treatment of Korean-western medicine drew attention

February 15,2019

New cancer treatment using both Korean and western medicine was presented at the Japan Society of Clinical Oncology(JSCO) recently held in Yokohama, Japan. Dr. Hongseung Kim from Luxell Clinic and Dr. Norihisa Yoko, Department Chief of HJM International Medical Center, presented Clinical experiences of ASA-PT(autologous Spontaneous Activated-platelets Therapy) for advanced malignant diseasesat the JSCO. According to Dr. Kim, this new cancer treatment method is a regenerative cell treatment without chemotherapy based on Korean medicine cancer treatment. It is a combination of Korean medicine that directly eliminates the cause of cancer metastasis and platelet treatment that boosts the immune system of a cancer patient. 5 cancer patients with a history of carcinectomy, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy were chosen to take this new treatment. Each patient has liver cancer, ovarian cancer, small cell lung cancer, arsenical carcinoma, and metastasis colorectal cancer. They received ASA-PTand Korean medicine anti-cancer treatmentfor several months. A patient with liver cancer reached complete remission. A patient with a metastatic ovarian carcinoma reached a partial remission and progression of a patient with small cell lung cancer stopped. A patient with arsenical carcinoma and a patient with metastatic colorectal cancer showed no further cancer spread. Particularly a liver cancer patient in 50s showed complete remission of liver cancer mass on CT scan. 

Dr. Kim who developed ASA-PTand Korean medicine anti-cancer treatmentsaid this was an approach to solve the problem that modern medicine could not.” “We combined pros of regenerative medicine and Korean medicine to stop the cancer metastasis. For that reason, only metastatic cancer patients were clinically examined, he said. This joint research was a collaboration of doctors from Korea and Japan, so it drew public interest. Dr. Yoko worked as a researcher at U.S National Cancer Institute(NCI) for 2 years and she is now treating end-stage cancer at HJM International Medical Center, This research resulted from Dr. Yokos year-long clinical test of the new treatment method developed by Dr. Kim. Recent studies released in the United States proved that imbalance in a gut microbial composition is closely related to carcinogenesis and progression; however, there was no apparent way to resolve the issue. This research has significant implications for presenting a new possibility of controlling the microbial composition by application of Korean medicine,said Dr. Kim.