Opening of the 3rd KAVPA Symposium sponsored by Yeson Voice Center

June 3, 2016

The 3rd Symposium sponsored by Yeson Voice Center and organized by KAVPA (The Korean Association for Voice of Performing Arts established to systematically educate the artists and professors dedicating in the voice industry leading the Korea’s performance and art) was held on May 28th, 2016 at the Industry University Cooperation Center of Konkuk university.


Particularly in the 3rd Symposium many interesting master class and lectures were given on the theme of ‘Understanding the Production of High Register and the Techniques for Each Genre.’ To begin with, Dr. Kim has thrown a pitch with regards to ‘Understandig of Vocal Register and Medical Approach for Registration Problems’ followed by a professor Moon-suk Park’s lecture on the ‘Vocal Techniques for High Range through Register.’ Then the Professor Francesco Mecorio gave his lecture on ‘EVT-Estill Voice Training.’


Many of the professional voice users including university students studying music, trainee singers, opera singers and all audience interested in music have found the lectures doubtlessly helpful and informative learning the way to control the vocal register and sing in a high register for each different genre of music.

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