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Mou of KIMA

World Vision

World Vision was founded in the ashes of Korean Wars to help the orphans and widows. Their services are international development programs including community based health care and empowering, emergency response and aid, and domestic programs including educational help for children from low-income families, the program to protect human right, etc.Brief Summary
KIMA (Korea International Medical Association), KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute) and World Vision signed trilateral MOU to help oversee children from low income family by providing free medical services and to spread the culture of Sharing. They are invigorating the Sharing Care project by offering various benefits like joint promotion, introduction of foreign patients, full airfare subsidy for guardians, interpretation services etc.

Korea American Medical AssociationIntroduction

Founded in 1974, The Korean-American Medical Association (KAMA) is an organization of 18,000 Korean-American doctors. There are many chapters in major areas of USA and the current number of members is approximately 4000 members. KAMA is an accredited member of American Medical Association (AMA).Brief Summary
In order to strengthen the network between Korean and American medical services, Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Korea International Medical Association (KIMA), and KAMA came to an agreement in the form of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among the three parties. They plan to execute joint projects such as medical staff exchange programs and fellowship programs and to support and participate in seminars, international conferences, and other related events. They also plan to establish a structured system of continuous and post treatments for foreign patients across the America.

National Medical HoldingIntroduction

Established in Astana, Kazakhstan in June 2008, NMH is a corporation consisting of six medical institutions and one medical school. Our mission is to promote advancement in Kazakhstan’s healthcare system through cooperation with other international medical organizations and to foster the medical human resources. In addition, we provide the best medical care by implementing international medical standard and safety regulation.Brief Summary
KIMA and NMH both signed the MOU to strengthen their global medical services. The following list shows the cooperative support from both organizations to enhance the public health of Korea and Kazakhstan: Promote the increase of human resources at medical and business division; Create events such as academic seminars and conferences; Increase research and joint public health projects; Share new medical technology and clinical experience information.

Uzbekistan Medical AssociationIntroduction

Uzbekistan Medical AssociationIntroduction
Uzbekistan Medical Association was founded November. 1992 with 14 branches and a total of 28,000 physicians registered. It publishes 2 medical and professional journals.Brief Summary
The KIMA signed the three party MOU with KHIDI and Uzbekistan Medical Association to increase cooperatons in the field of healthcare. It is to enhance and do cooperation in the field of healthcare through building a system for exchanging healthcare information and professionals, co- hosting academic seminars and other events, developing and executing collaborative projects for healthcare problems and issues, training for professionals, specialists. and medical educators including distance education, and introducing advanced medical devices and technologies.

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