Main Business

Host, support, and participate in domestic and overseas promotion events

Promotion for the institutional members, Fam Tour(Event for experience at Korean hospitals) for building-up international network, Support for international medical events, and participating in promotion or presentation events etc..

Promotion activities through on and off line activities

Operation of the web site and publicity of promotional booklet, leaflet, and video hope to raise overseas recognition for Korean medicine and to aim at easier approach by foreign patients.

Construction of international medical related human infrastructure

Support to train specialized coordinators in international treatment and hosting the workshops on construction of overseas patients related human infrastructure for the institutional members.

International medical politics business

suggesting standard about foreigner patient’s reasonable treatment price of range and hosting dealer’s reasonable commission.
application of liability insurance related for the foreigner patient’s medical accident.
research about jurisdiction of proper law on medical accident and paying damages related researching.

Medical service business for contributing to international society

Medical service and free treatment etc. for developing country’s poverty class , contributing in international society by sharing Korean medical.

Education and training for the medical professionals from developing countries

Support to foster medical professionals from developing countries at the training courses of Korea.

Building debit networks with international insurance companies

Making agreements between domestic medical institutions and international insurance companies.

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