Korean healthcare’s fields of expertise

December 7, 2018


(Cancer) Application of robot and advanced technology increased the treatment performance: reduced mortality rate and increased survival rate from major cancer disease.

(Heart) Since 1990 among OECD countries, Korea has the mostreduction in cardiovascular disease.

(Transplantation) Despite its short history, Korea shows fast growth and excellent performance in the fields of liver and kidney transplantation

(Cosmetic surgery) Korea owns the world’s best medical technology in the fields of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  

(Infertility) Korea has a high success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF)

(Spine, artificial joint) Korea is leading the fields of artificial disc replacement and Neuro-rehabilitation

(Smart medical technology)

1. Established advanced and differentiated medical system based on IT, electronics, information and communication infrastructure.

2. Export hospital information system and remote medical system to Asia, Central and South America, etc.

3. Via remote medical technology, administer pre- and post-operative management.

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