Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, Provides Global Internship Program to Dubai MBRU Medical Students

July 26, 2019

Medical students at Mohammed Bin Rashid University (MBRU)of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai visited Jaseng Oriental hospital to learn Korean medicine. The MBRU is the first medical school in Dubai Healthcare City in the United Arab Emirates, which aims to become a global hub for innovative integrated medical education and research. Medical students who participate in the global internship program will attend lectures on basic theories of Chinese medicine.The students will observe and experience oriental medicine treatments such as thechiropracticand the Motion Procedure (MSAT), train in the medical system, and tour various facilities such as the Outdoor Bathroom for two weeks. MBRU chose the “Global Internship Program” of the Jaseng Oriental Medicine Hospital to recognize the effectiveness of oriental medicine treatments. This program gives medical students the chance to grow further as medical professionals through their agony over medical convergence. It is the first time that prospective doctors in Dubai have spent their money to visit South Korea to learn oriental medicine, this suggests the status of oriental medicine is on the rise. The Jaseng Oriental Medicine Hospital hopes to become a seed for the medical Korean Wave (Korean Wave )in the near future by promoting Korea’s excellent medical services to prospective doctors abroad through its global internship program.


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