Sun Medical Center


“We provide our best diagnoses and treatments without any constraints for those who come to us.” Sun Medical Center with 46 years of history always performs medical service in pioneering and active manner to keep its position as a patient oriented hospital. Also, with various advanced medical systems, all staffs in our hospital put their best efforts to realize real medicine by performing differentiated and specialized medical services along with care, passion and temperance.

Major Departments & Centers

“Provide the best care possible for each and every patient without limit.”

Sun Medical Center has been in operation for over 50 years, and from inception, the primary goal of the hospital has focused on providing pleasant experiences to patients throughout the stay in the hospital. currently operates 2 General Hospitals, 1 Dental Hospital and the International Healthcare Center, For Foreign patients, We have full-time coordinators that are fully responsible for every foreign patient. Sun Medical Center offers the full spectrum of care for every need, in a variety of settings. From primary care to urgent care, and from emergency care to trauma care, SMC and its partners ensure that every patient receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Staffed by a team of healthcare professionals who rank among the best in the field, the NUH offers quality patient care by embracing innovations and advances in medical treatment.

For over 50 years, we always try to providing with patients for quality care, delivered with compassion and respect. Our specialty services are well known for innovative care and excellence in patient outcomes. Through programs created to fulfill our mission we provide thousand of dollars annually in charity care, benefits for vulnerable populations, health research, education and training, and support programs for all members of the hospital. We are an active teaching hospital with graduate medical education programs in internal medicine , family medicine and Orthopedic surgery.

The hospital is a non-profit hospital leader in medical care for everyone who needs healing all over the world. Patients traveling internationally are provided timely diagnostic and specialty care in a place designed to feel a little more like home. Here, patients have access to all medical and surgical sub-specialties within a single institution, empowering the medical team to address all the patient’s health needs and treat the whole person. Here, patients are cared for with a breadth of expertise and technology that reflects why Sun Medical Center is the trusted leader in healthcare worldwide.

The number of foreign patients exceeded 6,000 in 2016.


Sub- specialized Department System

– Oral Maxillofacial Center
– Gynecological Cancer Center
– Gastroenterology Center
– Heart Arrhythmia Center
– CardiovasularCenter
– Cancer Center

International Services

– Coordinators service
(English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian)
– Foreign language medical report
(English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian)
– Follow-up service (English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian)
– Transportation Arrangements
– Accommodation Arrangement
– Special Menu Arrangement
– Scheduling of all medical appointments
– Cost estimates for anticipated treatment
– Processing of medical second opinions
– Visa Application and Extension

Direct- Bill Service forn Global Insurance Company
1) Bupa Arabia -UAE

2) Bupa International – UK

3) International SOS – USA


5) MSH – China

6) Aetna – USA

7) Daman – UAE

At Sun Medical Center, interpreters are available at no cost to assist communication between health care providers and patients whose primary language is not Korean.

Experienced medical interpreters can attend appointments, translate patient education materials, and offer other assistance as needed. Patients should indicate if they need an interpreter when requesting an appointment at hospital.

At Sun Medical Center , interpreters are available in person for many languages, and through telephone services for all others.

In addition, multilingual appointment, registration and finance personnel assist patients and families before, during and after their visit to Sun Medical Center



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