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Seoul National University Hospital Gangnam Center (SNUH GC), who has 45,000 visitors annually, is health checkup center that is established and operated by Seoul National University Hospital. We provide accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment through precise examination directly performed by Seoul National University Hospital faculty.

Our customers can receive result consultation by visiting or phone call, which are thoroughly reviewed by our respective specialists. We refer those who have abnormal results to our group hospitals for further treatment. Currently, more than 3,000 overseas patients come to our center annually to receive SNUH GC’s healthcare services, that has been proven to show one of the world’s highest diagnosis rate for cancer and top-level detection rates for early stage breast cancer and colorectal adenoma.

Major Departments & Centers


Top level medical specialists personally carry out examinations and provide result consultation

The finest Seoul National University Hospital’s medical specialists conduct ultrasonography and endoscopy in person and provide immediate treatment and prescriptions based on the results of examinations. The results are closely reviewed by the specialists and provided to customers through 1:1 consultation, moreover, we refer the patients who has any significant finding to Seoul National University Hospital so that the customer can receive treatment in time.

Optimum Program and outstanding diagnosis

SNUH Gangnam Center has our one Healthcare Research Institute, which publishes more than 70 research papers every year. The institute upgrades our checkup program annually based on thesis and 12-year-accumulated data base to provide our customers with optimum program. Through these efforts, our center has outstanding cancer detection rate as high as 1.06%. Especially our adenoma detection rate on colon reaches 50% which is way higher than US-MSTF target; 15%(female) and 25%(male)

International Services

On-line consultation
Customized check-up program through 1:1 doctor’s consults.
One-stop System
Document in your language, Reservation certificate
Result consultation by phone call or visiting
Prompt referral system to SNUH Group
40-60% discount for affiliated accommodation.



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Kim Sun-Sin

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Park Hyo-Eun

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