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Chaum is a premium “life center” that provides a wide range of highly personalized and comprehensive healthcare service to effectively slow down the aging process. By employing multiple fields of medicine, signs of health problems are found before symptoms even appear.Chaum’s Stem cell technology aids in holding on to youth a little longer.Chaum’s innovative beauty technology makes sure visitors look as young as they feel young.With Chaum’s personalized service, change your life just the way you like it.

CHA Health Systems

Chaum proudly belongs to CHA Health Systems, one of the most trusted and rapidly expanding global hospitals in Korea. As Chaum is a part of CHA Health Systems, patients can get a fast and easy referral to its member hospitals when check-up results reveal further investigation or treatment is in need. Some of the hospitals in CHA Health Systems include:

+ Gangnam CHA Medical Center
+ Bundang CHA Medical Center
CHA Fertility Center (Seoul Station, Gangnam CHA, Bundang CHA, Daegu CHA)
+ Daegu CHA Women’s Medical Center
+ More in Los Angeles, Australia, Japan, Singapore

CHA Health Systems has proved excellence in four main areas:  Anti-Aging, IVF, Women’s Health and Cancer.

Major Departments & Centers

Premium Medical Check-up Center

Chaum’s Premium Medical Check-up Center provides Korea’s first privacy-assured health examination system. Each check-up is done inside a VIP HIVE room, in order to provide privacy and efficiency. The stress of having to move from room to room is minimized, allowing each patient to feel at home during the check-up. The check-up programs are not only high quality, but also customized, ensuring each patient receives the check-up tailored to one’s needs. Chaum is also known for the world’s first radiation exposure management system that Chaum developed itself, in order to make sure each patient is exposed to as little radiation as possible. Have your check-ups done at Chaum, where its 14 outpatient clinics and 11 specialized Anti-Aging centers provide you with a customized life-care plan and follow-ups.

Power Aging Clinic Center

People usually go to the hospital when they have discovered an illness. While many people are not sick, they are not in perfect health either. This area between wellness and illness is called the “Gray Zone”. After professionals at Chaum study each patient’s personal Gray Zone, they attend to any signs which may result in an illness, offering an extensive range of treatments in the form of exercise prescription, food therapy and supplements to make them as healthy as one possibly can get.

Four main aging signs the Power Aging Center treats are: Lack of Energy (chronic fatigue, immunodeficiency), Hormonal aging (menopause), Aging Mind (stress, depression and anxiety), and Brain Aging (memory loss and having trouble learning)

Detox Slimming Center

The Detox Slimming Center conducts a systematic analysis of causes of diseases and obesity, including patients’ genetic background, the state of their energy metabolism, toxin-causing inflammation, and hormone balance. The result of the analysis is used to design a suitable detoxification therapy for the blood, intestines, liver, and skin to improve physical constitution and boost energy. In addition, as a personalized treatment, simple body-shape management as well as surgical procedures, are available.

Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Center


Evercell Skin Care Center

Evercell Skin Care System is designed to promote healthy skin to its roots based on your skin’s biorhythms. The Evercell Skin Care Center awakens your beauty by restoring your youth. CHA Health Systems Group’s experience in stem-cell science and Life Science Technology will enable your skin to reclaim a beautiful and healthy appearance. Experience a skin miracle with our special program and high-class services.

International Services

  • 1. 1:1 language assistance (English, Russian, Chinese)
    – Interpretation is available throughout your visit.
    – Translation available for check-up and test results.
  • 2. Hotel reservations with discounted price at affiliated hotels.
  • 3. Customized and individualized scheduling
  • 4. Follow-up service for lifelong healthcare.



2F, Chaum, 442, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Representative contact

Phone: +82(2) 3015·5353

Email: chaumc@chamc.co.kr

Operating hours

Mon-Fri 08:30 ~ 17:30 / Sat 08:30 ~ 12:30



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