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Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine


Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine was selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as the very first spine specialist hospital within Korean.

We have more than 340 medical staff, inpatient wards for intensive care, independent non-surgical treatment system where Western Medical Diagnostic such as MRI and X-ray and Korean Medicine Treatment are all offered in the same place.

With our non-surgical treatment more than 140,000 patients are treated every year.

Number of total hospital branches: 21

Number of total inpatient beds: 1,260

Major Departments & Centers

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine’s non-surgical treatments preserve the structure of the body and treat the cause of spine and joint problems by regenerating the weakened bones and nerves.

Depending on each patients’s condition we treat the cause of the problem with non-surgical treatments that are scientifically proven such as MSAT(Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment) which reduces severe pain in a short span of time and Shinbaro Herbal Medicine that prevent recurrence and regenerate bones and nerves.

The weakened spine becomes healthier than before when

the inflammation of swelled and damaged tissues around the spine are reduced and the ligaments and muscles that support the discs are strengthened.

With regeneration of weakened bones and nerves the pain will be greatly reduced as well.

For many patients who come to us to treat spine disorders non-surgically Jaseng Hospital will always do our utmost to treat everyone with care.


[Spine Disc Centre] 

Lumbar & cervical herniated disc, degenerative herniated disc, post-surgery syndrome, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, etc.

[Spine Joint Centre]

Temporomandibular joint(TMJ) dysfunction, knee joint, shoulder joint,frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, etc.

[Specialist Clinic]

Growth Clinic, Middle-Age Clinic, Sports Clinic, Women’s Clinic

International Services

– Inpatient wards for International patients

– Exclusive International Clinic 

– Provide Consultation before patient arrives (via Phone call, e-mail, etc.)

– Provide interpretation service (English, Japanese, Russian, Mongolian, Arabic, German, French)

– Herbal Medicine Prescription Overseas delivery service

– Provide documents for treatments in foreign language (Diagnosis, Medical Statement, Receipt, Copy of Treatment Record, Appointment Confirmation, etc.)

– Provide Custom Clearance document for Herbal Medicine

– Reservation service with affiliated hotel, airport & Hospital ground transportation reservation service

– Airport send-off service for inpatients

– Provide travelling and accommodation information

– Have Medical Insurance for patients in case of accidents 

– Spine Diagnosis + Korean Medicine Treatment = One-day One-stop Service



Shin Joon-shik

Korean Medicine

Shin Joon-shik


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