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Bobath Memorial Hospital


Bobath Memorial Hospital was founded to honor the spirit of Dr. Karel Bobath, a psychiatrist, and his wife Mrs. Bertha Bobath, a physiotherapist, devoted their lives for the suffering from central nervous system disorders especially brain injuries.

We have been officially licensed to use the term ‘Bobath’ at Bobath Center in London.

The hospital was established in 2002 to provide specialized medical treatment and integrated healthcare services for patients with neurological disorders and chronic illnesses as well as to provide rehabilitation treatment for children aged 5 and over with developmental delay.


Major Departments & Centers

Neurorehabilitation center

Neurorehabilitation is a complex medical process which aims to aid recovery from a nervous system injury and to minimize and / or compensate for any functional alterations.


Neurological Disease Center

Nervous system is connected from head to toe like an electrical network. Diseases affecting the nervous system represent a variety of symptoms and chronic progression. The Neurological disease center strives for total and lifelong care from diagnosis to treatment.

Lifestyle Related Disease Center

Lifestyle-related centers are dedicated to early stage of diseases by providing health screening programs for people with risk factors for adult diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

We also provide patients with accurate information about the disease through numerous consultations and appropriate pharmacological treatment.


Stroke Clinic, Spasticity Clinic, Cognitive Rehabilitation Clinic, Pain Clinic, Dysphagia Clinic, Adaptive Equipment Clinic

International Services

* Flight & Hotel reservation
* Airport Transportation Service
* Management of Medical Visa and Residency status
* International Patient Coordination
* Interpretation Service
* Customized meal planning and nutritional counseling
* Prayer room for male and female


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Physical Medicine & Reha ..

Kang Eugene

Cha Hyun-Min

Internal Medicine

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