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Asan Medical Center Introduction

Since its establishment in June, 1989, Asan Medical Center has achieved a world-class medical reputation as it has continued to aggressively invest in R&D and clinical treatment.

Asan Medical Center also has carried out its social responsibility as a respected hospital by fulfilling the spirit of ‘Respect for Life’ and ‘Sharing pain with neighbors.’
Asan Medical Center is leading medical development in Korea with their competitive skills and cutting-edge equipment comparable to those of advanced foreign hospitals.

Asan Medical Center is the parent hospital of eight hospitals under the ASAN Foundation. Since its establishment in 1977, ASAN Foundation has launched nonprofit programs in social work and scholarships as well as academic research. In particular, Asan Medical Center opened hospitals in rural areas where modern medical resources are scarce, fulfilling a mission of the founder Chung Ju-young – ‘to help the neediest in our society.’

Global medical complex – Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center is the largest medical institution in Korea with a total of 2,705 beds occupying about 85,000 square meters.

Asan Medical Center has been leading Korea’s medical development by satisfying customers as it is equipped with world-class medical professionals and optimal treatment systems based on advanced medical systems as well as cutting-edge medical equipment.

As a result, Asan Medical Center sees 12,279 outpatients, 2,576 inpatients, and 330 emergency patients on average a day while performing about 65,599 highly sophisticated surgeries per year. Today Asan Medical Center enjoys a reputation as the most-visited best hospital in Korea.


Asan Medical Center setting a global standard as a medical leader

Medical development is made possible as the spirit of respecting life is combined with tireless research of basic science and numerous clinical trials, treatment experience, and advanced medical techniques.

Asan Medical Center strives to become a global standard in the world medicine as a leader of medical development in Korea rather than competing with local counterparts.
To this end, Asan Medical Center is ceaselessly committed to clinical research for basic medicine, industry-university R&D, and overcoming cancer through industry-university-institute collaboration centering on the Asan Institute for Life Sciences and the Clinical Research Center.Today’s cutting-edge medicine is no longer confined merely to treating illnesses, easing pain, and recovering patients from disease. It aims to eradicate the root causes of illness to make people live a healthy life without suffering from any disease.Asan Medical Center is at the forefront of the development of future cutting-edge medicine which combines medicine and engineering. Here, the Clinical Research Center is recognized for its exceptional ability in clinical research as it plays a pivotal role in medical development by focusing on research activities instead of theoretical studies while entering into clinical trials agreements with global leading pharmaceutical companies since last year.

Delivering greater love with advanced medical skills


Delivering greater love with advanced medical skills

Asan Medical Center gives its profits back to society and fulfills its founding spirit through free medical services for the less privileged neighbors.

Therefore, Asan Medical Center wants to become a warm-hearted hospital that shares the pain of their patients by fulfilling the objectives of ‘maintaining first-class medical services’ ‘Sharing Love with neighbors’ and ‘Sharing and Generosity.’

We also make a constant effort to treat patients like family and offer friendly services.

Major Departments & Centers

International Services



Lee Sung-Gyu

Liver Transplantation

Lee Sung-Gyu

Yu Chang-sik

Colon and Rectal Surgery

Yu Chang-sik

Kim Byung-sik

Stomach Surgery

Kim Byung-sik

Park Seung-jung


Park Seung-jung

Oh Seak-hee

Pediatric Gastroenterolo ..

Oh Seak-hee


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